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The Greatness of Your Heart


The Greatness of Your Heart

Heavenletter #555 Published on: April 28, 2002

You can see in the dark. You can see in the dark with your heart. Your heart is like a huge flashlight that illumines all. The dark is a myth. It is a fantasy. Open your heart, and all that never existed will no longer seem to appear before you. When your eyes are on a bright and beautiful horizon, that is what you see. Nothing blocks your view. You pay no attention to anything in between, for there is nothing in between. But even if there were, the far horizon becomes close because it is in your awareness.

When your heart is open, it pulls all good to it. With a closed heart, nothing can get out and therefore it is harder for more love to get in. A closed heart is like a fist, and an open heart is like a hand opened upward that can catch the light from the sun and the mist from the sea. Your heart can open. It is only fear from memory that tightens it.

Wounded or not, your heart can open to itself. It can unfurl. It can get used to being open, and greater love will come to it for the reason that it is open. The heart allows itself to be a vessel, a pitcher that pours and is refilled. There is no limit to the pitcher of your heart.

Love flows. That is its nature. It swirls and eddies. It is a tidal wave. It catches everything in its path.

There can never be too much love or too much attention on it. There has been too much attention on everything else. Toss your heart high now. Let it call to itself from every mountain top. Let your heart be heard around the world. Let it hear itself. Let your love be yodeled across the universe. The sound of it will be well-received everywhere. And you will begin to hear the sound of your own heart.

What did you think your heart was for? Did you think it was to be scarred? You thought that a heart open was vulnerable to attack and that you had to protect it from further wounding. But an open heart is strong. You had it wrong.

A closed heart hurts itself first before anything else can. No one, nothing, can damage your heart as much as you already have by closing it. How emboldened your heart will become when you let it stretch out its limbs! It has been cramped too long. Exercised, it begins to notice its power. Flex the muscles of your heart.

Physical exercise is small next to the exercise of love. You have forgotten to exercise it. You have been so busy protecting your heart from pain, that you have imprisoned love. You have neglected your heart and caused it discomfort. Like you, a heart was made for something. Armor blocks your heart. Take away the armor, and your heart forges ahead and finds its destiny. Your heart's destiny is far greater than you ever imagined.

Your heart's destiny and yours are the same. When I say you are destined for greatness, I am talking about your heart. Your heart will take you where you are going. Your heart does not know about amassing. Your heart knows only about flowing. Your heart circulates itself. And from where does the flow of it begin? It begins from Me.

Your heart flourishes in My love. There is no other. There is no love that belongs to you, and that is why you must free it. My love rests in your heart so that you may extend it. My love is not to be possessed. It is to be given. It is not for you to say where. You are not to govern your heart. You are to be led by it.

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TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - April 7, 2012, 2:34 pm
Wow!! Thanx for posting!!

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