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lotto purchases today


i like this song. my daughter's middle name is this but we spell it differently.

well i went to the our neighbors to the north. OH CANADA OH CANADA!! i love going to canada and wish i could afford to go more than i do go. anyway. money was tight and i wanted to get something that was going to last a while. i couldn't do both 6/49 and the super7. so i decided to go with the super7 because it ony plays once a week. so my ticket would last longer if i got that and i would be in it in canada for awhile. the while to be exact is until august 18. so that is a long time and that is what i like. a nice and long ticket. ooh yeah.

the 6/49 has been getting pots that are equal to the super7 lately because of what they are doing for the 6/49. lately i have just been more lucky on the super7 than the 6/49. the last check i got from canad was for the 6/49 but the biggest check i got all of last year was on the super7. ssssssoooo i went with the super7.

i was talking to my favorite canadian woman that i know (i know only one and she is a special woman. she knows who she is. ) on the instant messenger this morning. she told me someone won the super7 in nova scotia. can i say dern i lost again. Shocked i like to dream about winning the big one in canada and having to pay no taxes and think about the idea of keeping the money in a canadian bank that has no ties to the US. man i could have a lot of fun.

wow as i am typing this up i see the megamillion was not hit last night and it just went up to 203 million. i could use that too. speaking of the megamillion lotto that brings me back to lovely USof A and my home state of washington. well it was time for a new washington lotto ticket. so as soon as i crossed back onto the country of my birth and current state i am living. it was time to check that ticket and see if the dream had become a reality. i checked the ticket and ducked real quick because reality was going to smack me up side my head again with another of 100's of losers. as the blow went by i straighten out my self and walked over to the counter at the safeway in linden washington and asked for another washington state lotto ticket. i had to fill out the slip by hand this time because i was driving the wife's car and my slip was in my car at home. so i walked away with another dream. just another in a long line of lost dreams. lol.

i am still up and i have the lotto on my mind. my friend didn't get my lotto tickets from cali because i didn't have any money when he was going down there. so i don't think he got me another cali ticket. still i know someone else who is going down. i also have to send in my ticket for the cali ticket that i have 2 wins. i need to also prepare my paperwork to send back to british columbia for my subsription. that will take me to about 6:30 am and then i can pass out. working nights is bad sometimes. i get off early sometime and i still can't go to sleep. so here i am typing this lovely message to you all.

my mega million ticket is good until march 17 so if the lines get long i don't have to be in them.

well now it is time for me to sign off and take care of getting my stuff out the door today as i run errands.

mr mega and mr power please take me away from the work world. i will take even the minimum top prize.

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