The " Grandeur " of a so called man


The only thing that sully16 carries in her bingo bag besides her dabbers is a big black dildo that she named Leroy because she can't get the REAL thing,

# posted by bobbya : 1:25 PM
This and many more exhibits of fine culture from this ?? are on display in Trusee's Blogs.
He's truly a fine specimen of citizenship from Massillon....!
Entry #74


Avatar maximumfun -
That is horrible
Avatar MADDOG10 -
You bet it is Maximumfun.
One can only imagine what depths he'll go to when he has to attack someone because they openly disagree with him...!
Avatar JAP69 -
Thats is a personal attack on the lowest level.
Avatar scorpio -
if romney starts a war with iran for jobs,oil,economy,wealth,i wonder how long this ol world can stay together shooting nukes back and forth.
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Not for nothing Scorpio, but what does that have to do with what your buddy posted about Sully?
By the way Mr. Romney won't start the war with Iran.. What will happen is that he'll clean up his own back-yard without International assistance.
Avatar scorpio -
oh no,i'm wrong he isn't the great "satan."
Avatar scorpio -
mad dog listen to you tube=leonard cohen & anthony hegarty inspired.
Avatar MADDOG10 -
It's heavy! I guess that's the mood lately in my corner of my world at present moment anyway so fits this crossed my path I suspect Trials and tribulations of War.
Avatar bobbya -
Of course in typical CONservative fashion there will be NO NEGATIVE Comments on what sully16,MADDOG10,rgdrnr,JAP69,and all the other CONservative morons have said about bobbya.
I defend myself likewise only AFTER attacked by name calling because the above named disagree with my political views.
Avatar Todd -
Bobbya, Frankly if you think the kind of disgusting message you posted is somehow equal to "name-calling", then you aren't suitable to engage in discussion here. There is no place for that kind of thing in any discussion about politics or anything else. People would have a lot more respect for you if you simply responded with facts rather than the constant name-calling, labeling, and sexual filth that you've been posting.
Avatar jarasan -
Avatar emilyg -
Avatar sully16 -
That was excessive Bob, you did it over and over in several blogs, I know things get heated and you manage to bring out the worse in me sometimes, but that was uncalled for. well off to work.

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