And that's the way it was.



Entry #77


Avatar MADDOG10 -
Yes, I'd pretty much say, that's the way it was...!
Avatar scorpio -
maddydog,they tell me you don't recognize your relatives when they're sober!
Avatar MADDOG10 -
I'm sure I don't Pion, but Isn't that your brother on the right?
Avatar scorpio -
hea watch it,my brother had both legs cut off in a farming corn cutter accident.state bought him a special car to drive as it was in a government run institution man.
Avatar MADDOG10 -
you told me earlier that you had a sister not a brother. The only Government run institution that grow corn are Prisons.
Besides your other brother has his legs twisted just like his leadership for running a country..!
Avatar scorpio -
wrong,i have a brother and sister,and 3 foster sisters sir.i have a best friend that cannot afford dsL,only has analog computer.only on social security.burns wood he hauls in winter.
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Sounds as though Barry has done right by him too>>!
Suppose you're going to blame that on the Republicans also huh....?
Avatar rdgrnr -
I think that was all a show to make us forget about the open mike incident when Obama said he'd be more flexible after the election to give them everything they want. They gotta act like they don't like each other now.
Avatar scorpio -
Avatar louise black -
You! people that spend your time scheming on the President ! Got three words "Get a Life".

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