Scorpio has finally come clean..!


Entry #81


Avatar MADDOG10 -
But you're still making an ASS out of yourself.
Avatar scorpio -
mad doggy,i told you don't worry about missing your last mental health can make it to your next one!
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Why thank you, I'' take that under consideration, but your still full of crap up to there.
Besides your still making an ASS out of yourself.
Avatar louise black -
Keith is my favorite talk show host , I like smart people oppose to airheads and liars. Isn't intelligent wonderful ,just lovely.
Avatar scorpio -
yes,Louise we all know mad doggy is just a bag of hot pneuma!
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Why thank you louisey, that's a compliment I would have never in 100 years expected from the likes of you.
Yes, smart people do OPPOSE airheads and liars, so tell me, what is your excuse?
Intelligent, as in do you,or don't you. And yes, INTELLIGENCE is wonderful when someone uses it.
Wow, keith will be so thrilled to know that.!
Avatar scorpio -
mad doggy tries to make for himself in the fashion that suits him best a simplified picture of the blog.
Avatar sully16 -
Avatar scorpio -
physical concepts are free creations of the human mind,and are not,however it may seem,uniquely determined by the external world.
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Not the picture at all Dumbyon, you still don't get it do ya.
It's the caption that fits and you still don't get it.
And what the hell is PNEUMA ?? Is that a lip sync as your doing TU-LIPS?
But alas, your still making an ASS out of yourself..!
Avatar scorpio -
go ride your harley mad doggy,pneuma is air!
Avatar MADDOG10 -
As a matter of fact I just did, thank you. and pneuma is breath as in your vilified breath of low demo standards that you and Hot lips hoolahan have.
I wouldn't lower my standards to be spoke of in the same breath as you two. I'll just give both of you enough rope and you'll hang yourselves.
Avatar louise black -
Maddog10 why? are you bad mouthing people ,who hasn't done the same to you shame,shame!
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Better open your eye's before you open your mouth louise.
Avatar jarasan -

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