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Entry #89


Avatar rdgrnr -
Yeah, heh,heh,heh,heh,heh...
Avatar sully16 -
Avatar reddog -
amen !!!
Avatar louise black -
Have you people ever examine your thoughts : it's call critical thinking why don't you critique yourself! Wow ! you people are relentless.
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Yes we are, and it's only just begun....!
Avatar louise black -
Really! really ,really now where else did I hear that! humm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar MADDOG10 -
No critical thinking at all louise, it's listed as "masses coming apart at the seems" and the demons are taking the ship DOWN with them. Demoncrats overboard "O", not enough redemption rope for all the Liars, cheats, thieves and beggars. Opps lost another.

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