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lotto purchases today


well i practically burned rubber getting to the store to get these tickets. ... well maybe not that fast. the lovely found a coupon that was placed in the washington sunday newspaper. the coupon was from the washington state lottery. my eyes just lit up when she said that. when i got my hands on the coupons i find out they are giving away 2 scratch tickets, 1 washington lottery, and 1 washinton mega ticket. i mean oh yeah. free tickets. i can go for some free tickets.

i didn't want to cash all the coupons at the same spot so i went to the ampm first to get me some scratch off tickets. now i never buy scratch tickets unless i am california or illinos. i am just not a scratch ticket man. it seems more states are making more money off the scratchers but they won't get my money. anyways ____> they were giving away 1 two dollar and 1 one dollar scratch ticket. i have no clue what scratchers there are here in washington. so i go in the store in my blazing ignorance.

i go up to the counter and ask the young man can i get 2 scratch tickets with these coupons. he looked at them and said matter of factly he could and would i step aside. seems that he had done this several times before i came in the store. my transaction was going to take a bit. so i waited while he took care of three quick customers. he then started getting scrathcers. he asked me what i wanted and i told him i don't know. you can pick the 2 dollar ticket. he gave me something called a diamond doubler. it had 8 chances to win 20,000 dollars. the next ticket i picked out because it had such a pretty green color. yeah i know it is not scienctific! hey the game was called easy being green.

i hurried out with my booty in my shirt pocket to the car and off to my next destination. i stopped in my local safeway to get the other two lotto tickets. i sat in the parking lot with the scratchers and scratched the two tickets. guess what i got for a rpize? ........................................................................................................................... $0 yes that is right. i got bupkus.

so i go into the store and i give it to the clerk and she just took them and promptly gave me one mega and one washington lotto. she treated me using the coupon like she was breathing. something you don't think about and you just do. i am so unimportant. if i win i will be important.

so now i have an excuse to come in tomorrow and wednesday and tell you my results for these two lotto tickets. otherwise i would have nothing to say until next week when my next ticket was going to expire. gotta stay within my means.

two more things. the washington lotto is the fourth largest pot in the country right now. it is right behind cali and tied with texas. my sorry a## lotto hardly ever goes up that high any more. the other thing is that the washington quinto is creeping up on the 900,000 level. people keep hitting it before it gets up that high. i bet the moment i buy a ticket someone will hit and i will have a ticket for several drawings at the lower level.

well i have said enough. i hope you all do better than i and please don't forget the kind soul that tries to entertain you with my lotto stories when you win that big pot.

as always mr mega and mr power please take me away from the work world.

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