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First Day of Classes.


Well, the first day of classes was today, and it seems as if the residents have started to shape up a little.  Anyway, I started my day with TCOM 453- Laws and Regs.  The teacher seemed nice and easy, as well as a bit of a pushover.  The second class was TCOM 308, which is a technical basis of TCOM class.  It deals with math and physics stuff such as circuitry and electric currents.  My third class today was FILM 201, which is a history of film class.  So far, it looks like I'm taking easy classes, and I only have 2 classes tomorrow and thursday, but one of my classes meets twice on thursday, and one on friday.  I also bought the rest of my books today.  I'm still awaiting an e-mail from one of my teachers saying whether or not my Music 124 class (the history of rock music) class has a required book.  If it does, I don't need it until monday night.  If it doesn't then I can spend the check norm my dad that was supposed to cover the rest of my books, on whatever I want,m which will probably be towards stretching the holes in my ears.  They are at 10g, but I'm gonna stretch them to 6g or 4g.
Entry #18


fast eddieComment by fast eddie - September 7, 2004, 9:19 pm
Dr E, I want to first say that I love reading your bolg entries. But was wondering why you feel the neeed to dye your hair green and stretch your ear holes? let me guess, because you want to, and can. Green hair o.k., the dye can wash out but no one wants to see a seventy year old Dr.Ew with giant ear lobes. I suggest you stay away from doing any more body modifications till your over the age of 30. What or who are you rebeling from? I want to help. take care. fast eddie.
Comment by trance - September 8, 2004, 11:08 am
WHATS ur major?

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