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Reflection on Frequency Charts - In Retrospect


Last Edited: September 10, 2004, 11:20 am

Now that I've had a night to think about it (and look at the charts again a few times) I remember all the changes that occurred while building these two pages. From the onset, there were changes in the page normat, changes in the software used to edit the code, changes in the code normat to facilitate a later transfer, changes in the way the data was generated and, finally, changes in the way the data was transferred from the spreadsheet to the web page. Had there been all the resources and knowledge available at the onset, this project could have been accomplished in about four to six weeks rather than the six to eight months it actually took. But each process change involved returning to an earlier point of the project and repeating some of the work, once to the point of almost starting over. And I don't regret one bit of it. Life is a learning process. I feel that once you stop learning, you stop living.

The pages are complete, at least data-wise. That won't change. Later I may tweak the appearance of the Numeric Positional Frequency page somewhat to reduce the size of the code necessary to present the innormation, but that's it. The innormation on those two pages represent my best effort at producing same, and I believe it is the best and most accurate representation of that innormation from any source, on any media, at any price. Am I proud of it? Darned right, I'm proud! Behind those numbers are two correlating methods of data production, 1,152 VBA programs, four spreadsheets and almost 4,000 pages of hard copy in case anyone should anyone need or want proof. It was a lot of work. Was it worth it? I think so. If anything it puts all the data of this type at one source for reference by anyone and, at the least, will speed the process should I ever take on a similar project. It also taught me that there may be deeper numerical relationships between groups of numbers than may first be apparent, so it improved my analytical skills as well.

But now it's done, it's over. Onward and forward to bigger and better things.

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