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Still Working


I haven't actually played any numbers for a couple of months, but I have been trying to hone my skill at picking numbers.  I have been only getting 2,3,or 4 right out of the numbers that I have been picking.  I think I could just randomly pick numbers and do that well, especially with a 24 number wheel. 

Initially, I was just going to pick numbers that were within the last 10 draws, but that limits the numbers you are using.  Most of the draws do not have all six numbers from the last 10 draws.  So, I have been trying to use all the numbers.  I am using averages and games out stats to help decide what numbers to pick, but I feel like I'm missing something.

It has gotten worse since this past Monday (8-27).  I did pick all six numbers correctly.  They were in my group of 24.  I was picking the numbers on Sunday night before bed and I was really tired.  I had 23 numbers and I just wanted to finish and go to bed.  So I looked at my percentage chart and at just decided to pick a number that hadn't been picked in the last 10 draws and was a neighbor to a number that had been picked in the last draw.  The last number I picked was 29.  It came in.  I have no idea why I picked it, and now that random act is leaving me with more questions.  Is it just going to take a random act to win?

One improvement that I did make when looking at games out averages is that if the number 8 is out 13 games and it has been drawn 5 times 13 games out and the number 8 has been drawn 96 times, I divide 96 by 6 rather than 5 because if it hits it would be the sixth time.  I think this has helped.  But again, something seems to be missing.

All I can do is keep at it.

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