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Chart Your Way to Lottery Success


If you’re going to spend time and money on a lottery system, then you should be able to show that you are improving on a daily basis. That is, hitting more numbers then chance would allow and hitting more numbers more often. The chart would then serve as verifiable evidence that you are learning a super normal skill. And that eventually, you will win the lottery.

So, using the Ninth Siddhi meditation technique to predict lottery numbers, I tried various charting techniques to show that I was indeed improving and that eventually I would win the lottery. I started with 3 number games. I designed a point system which rewarded predicting a digit in the actual lottery number drawn. If the digit was not in the proper position but in the actual lottery number you got 5 points. If the digit appeared in the lottery number and was in the proper position you got an additional 10 points. Sounds more complicated then it is. I used this worksheet to accumulate the points on a daily basis. Below find a cutout of the worksheet I used.

3 Game Cur Out

I used this worksheet to create a bar chart showing graphically my daily predictions. But after a couple of weeks I could not tell whether I was improving or not. The data appeared all over the board. Some days I hit lots of numbers, other days not so many. The data reminded me of stock prediction graphs. Going back to my financial analysis days at Chase, I remembered that we used moving averages to discern trends in data that appeared chaotic. So I included a ten day moving average to the chart. I thought that the ten day moving average would show any trend that was hidden in the data. This worked very well. The ten day moving average smoothed the data and showed a clear trend.

Any upward trend in the ten day moving average would prove that the Ninth Siddhi meditation technique was working. If the trend was flat then it would show that the technique was not predicting numbers any better than chance.

See my three game chart below.

My 3 Game Chart

To my surprise, the first few weeks showed a remarkable improvement. See chart. Then the trend line slowly went down. See chart. I was actually doing worse than chance would have it. Still, the technique was affecting the predictions, only in a negative way. It became apparent that something was going on. I believe that I was trying too hard. I became frustrated when I did not win the three number game in a couple of weeks. In was obvious that the harder I tried, the less effective my predictions were. So, on the verge of giving up, I stopped trying. After all, the pressure to succeed was gone. I began to meditate effortlessly. When I stopped trying and began allowing, I got the number on the first try. After all the emotional dust settled, I won the 3 number game in 32 days.

On refection, I feel as if I experienced a real inner battle with my own ego. In the Ninth Siddhi technique the numbers come directly from the Source of Thought. The Source of Thought is transcendental to our senses. That is, beyond our everyday experience. I was clearly battling my fear of failure, my fear of success, my own anxiety about the future. We all have our reasons not to succeed in our efforts to attain wealth, prosperity, and abundance but very few reasons to succeed. One of the things I learned from charting my predictions was that we must allow success to happen. Fear, worry, and trying only get in the way. The technique is effortless. Charting is integral to the Ninth Siddhi technique. Not only will you win the lottery, but you will learn a lot about yourself as well.

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MzDuffleBagladyComment by MzDuffleBaglady - September 21, 2012, 11:58 pm
Thanx for sharing, very interesting.
Good Luck.
Comment by GASMETERGUY - September 22, 2012, 12:25 am
First of all, congradulations on your win. Enjoy it for the next one might not come for many days.

As for charting, you must bear in mind we are dealing with randomness. By the nature of randomness, there is supposedly no way to find consistency. If there were, greater minds than mine (at the least) would have found it.

There are many, many suggestions on this site. Each standing alone have their merits and demerits, mostly demerits. None have shown any degree of consistency.

I can not find any interest in the msytcal. That is not to say you should abandon your efforts. All I am saying is the mystical is not my cup of tea.
EastwindComment by Eastwind - September 22, 2012, 2:36 pm
Thank you for your comments. In reference to Gasmeterguy's comments.
Please bear in mind that The Ninth Siddhi does not shy away from randomness. The practice embraces an infinite random sequence of numbers.

You have probably heard of the number called the Golden Mean sometimes called the Divine Proportion or phi. It is a non repeating ratio, an infinite random sequence of numbers. It is the number 1.6183……
This infinite random number occurs in nature many times. It is used in our bodies – as in bodily proportions, in sea shells, in the spiral of the galaxies, at the singularity of black holes in space. Some say that creation used this ratio to build the universe. So we as humans have a lot in common with this infinite random number.

All we are saying at The Ninth Siddhi is that the Divine Proportion shares certain qualities and attributes with another infinite random number sequence, the Lottery Number Sequence which is also infinite (as long as people are around) and random.

We attempt, as meditators have for millennia, to transcend our perceptions and experience a state of being that is unbound by time and space. It is at this point of transcendence that it is possible to align ourselves with the Divine Proportion or the lottery Number Sequence and make super normal predications.

It is this ability that the 10 day moving average charts.

On the other hand, I totally understand your reluctance to involve yourself with this mystical stuff. For over 1600 years the Gnostics and Transcendentalist have been brutally killed and their manuscripts burned. It’s only in the more modern times that we could discuss things like healing, specific prediction and individual Bliss.
All the best to you and yours

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