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April 10, 2019, 10:48 amHow to bring about a nonviolent world while winning lotteries.

Hi all, Eastwind here, hoping this post finds you happy, abundant, and fulfilled. As you know, I advocate for World Peace through group meditation incentivized by teaching prophetic vision, which we use to win lotteries. The idea behind this noble effort is that large groups of meditators, generate a large, dense, powerful field of quantum energy. Other people’s minds are entrained by this quantum energy field and in this way a nonviolent community is developed. But, this dense field of quantum energy influences our psychic abilities as well, allowing us to experience life unbound by time or space. This is the perfect condition to predict lottery numbers. This ability is taught through the use of Siddhic techniques combined with modern technologies. For more on the connection betwen meditation, world peace, winning lotteries, and what a Siddhi is: CLICK HERE to watch a short video

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April 4, 2019, 10:55 amHow to Rate and Rank Your Lottery Predictions.

This video describes how the Ninth Siddhi rates and ranks its member’s lottery predictions. The Ninth Siddhi is working toward completing its algorithm and testing various social media sites to find the best one for group meditations. Groups should begin to form within months. Please consider subscribing as Lottery Post will be the first to be informed that groups are beginning to form. CLICK HERE to watch video

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March 27, 2019, 2:28 pmHow to use the "out of body" experience to win lotteries.

Hi all: Ever feel like you would like to be free of debt. Playing the lottery responsibly is a good path to a debt free life. The Ninth Siddhi believes you can increase your chances of winning by meditating in groups and using psychic techniques.

In this video, we explore the out of body experience as an ancient technique which is now combined with technology - namely Hemi-Sync Technology. Of course the ancients never had the ability to meditate in large groups like we do today using social media. Now is the time to take advantage of the technological times we live in by winning more lotteries through group play. Now is the time to use your God given talent to bring abundance and prosperity to you and your family.CLICK HERE to Watch the Video

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March 20, 2019, 1:49 pm3 ways to power-up your lottery mantra meditation.

Eastwind here. If you are using a mantra meditation or planning on using one be sure to watch my video – 3 ways to power-up your lottery mantra meditation. CLICK HERE to watch video. Its informative and fun. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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March 12, 2019, 11:19 amHow to achieve transcendence to win lotteries and create a nonviolent world.

Eastwind here: Have you ever wondered how to achieve transcendence to win lotteries. Well, wonder no more. Watch this video.  Click Here to watch video      Let me know what you think. Leave a comment.

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March 6, 2019, 2:47 pmWhat do lotteries, World Peace, and meditation have in common?

Eastwind here combining ancient “games of chance” techniques like the lottery with modern technology.  Join my quest for a more peaceful community incentivized by winning lotteries by meditating in groups using social media. It’s fun. Click Here to see my video

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October 5, 2012, 10:24 amThe Ninth Siddhi and the Daily Group Worksheet

The following is an example of a group worksheet dated February 19. As you can see, Mary has earned a Daily Group Worksheetrating of 70 (See left column labeled “Rating”). If you go back to the Individual Rating Worksheet you will see that on this date Mary was rated 70. She is listed with other members of the group in descending order. On this Daily Group Worksheet, the general idea is to look for two or more identical numbers. The first six identical number pairs are the lottery numbers to be played in the next scheduled Mega lottery.

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October 4, 2012, 8:26 pmIn The Ninth Siddhi an energized intention is critical.

Budda at 200In the Ninth Siddhi Practice, setting an energized intention is the most critical element for success.   You must allow the numbers to be given to you with the intent of winning the lottery. Again, intent and emotion is critical to the process of prediction. You will be shown the numbers after meditating. The meditation will get you as close to the Source of Thought as possible. It is at this point that you set an energized intention. By energized we mean you must combine mind pictures with emotion of what it will feel like to be successful. Each initiate of the Ninth has his or her own reason for winning. It is left up to you to search your heart for the real reason you desire to be successful. Any emotion will work, but Love is the strongest. Also, the closer you can get to the Source of Thought the easier it will be to become emotional. When you first start the practice, try to think back to a situation when you felt the emotion you are trying to feel. This may help bring the emotion to mind. Then combine this emotion with a strong intent to obtain the winning lottery sequence. Again, by intent, we mean visualize yourself holding the winning ticket, driving to the outlet to receive your winnings, or using the money to help someone you love. On the Ninth Siddhi site, I provide a sound file to help get you started, but you must be proactive in creating these loving mind visualizations with intention. This is the basis of the Ninth Siddhi.

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September 25, 2012, 3:11 pmThe 9th Siddhi, lotteries and The Maharishi Effect

Can the 9th Siddhi meditation technique influence the outside world? If this new spiritual technology can be shown to have a physical effect on the outside world, then the power of the practice would be if not verified at least made more believable.

All the SiddBhagavad-Gitahis, healing, prediction, levitation etc. would be given more credence.

The Maharishi (the guru that started and developed the TM movement) believed that when a critical group of meditators meditated together they stimulated Transcendent Being, another name for the Source of Thought, and created a field effect of coherence. And, that this field effect had a marked influence not only on the group of meditators but in the localized society. This influence on society has come to be known as the Maharishi Effect. And, more importantly, this field effect could be measured through various social indices that characterize the quality of life in society, such as the reduction of violent crime in a city.

According to Robert Oates in The Maharishi Effect, written in 1985, and Dr. Keith Wallace writing in The Neurophysiology of Enlightenment, the first experimental evidence for this phenomenon arose in 1974. In this study, scientists observed 11 cities in the United States with populations over 10,000 in which 1% of the population was practicing Transcendental Meditation. They then looked at one major index of the quality of life in these cities, the crime rate, and compared it to the crime rate of 11 other cites matched by population and geographic location. From 1967 to 1972 the crime rate was increasing in all the cities. The cities with over 1% Transcendental Meditation participation showed a decrease in crime of 8.2% from 1972 to 1973 as compared to the year before.


Other scientist replicated these findings. In one study scientists examined 160 cities over a 14 year period (1964 to 1978) to determine the long term effects on crime rate in “one-percent cities.” This study and many others verified the reduction of violent crimes when 1% of a city’s population experienced Transcendental Being regularly.



But, why should this field effect occur. What is it about the experience of Transcendental Being that produces these startling but wonderful results? Many scientists believe that when we meditate, a field much like electromagnetic radiation is produced. But unlike electromagnetic radiation this field is developed with a force that is more refined, more akin to light than magnetism. That is, when an individual experiences Transcendental Being, a kind of halo effect is generated. The rationale for this prediction came from discussions with leading physicists concerning coherent effects seen in physical systems, particularly the laser.


Normal light is emitted in direct proportion to the number of atoms in the light source. When the atoms in a laser are in perfect coherence with each other, a new type of collective behavior emerges characterized by intense orderliness. The individual atoms cease to act independently and begin to behave as one complete coherent system. As a result, the light emitted by the laser is significantly stronger than normal light. It is through coherence that the individual atoms receive their power. The power of light coherence is tremendous. It is powerful enough to burn through steel or to shine a laser beam on the moon. Scientists have found that the intensity of light emitted by a laser of X atoms is magnified enormously to X². If 100 atoms are perfectly in phase or coherent, they will radiate with the intensity of 100² or 10,000 times that of a single atom. This phenomenon is physics is known as Super Radiance.


Similarly, it is thought that when groups of meditators meditate and experience Transcendental Being a super radiance effect is generated. This field of super radiance is significantly more powerful than that experienced by an individual meditator. This super radiance quality of Transcendental Being can be felt by society at large if the number of meditators is large enough. Consequently, scientists began to do research in this area. The focus of the research was to see if the field effect of consciousness stimulated by a group of meditators could affect the EEG coherence between subjects at a large distance. Indeed, the study showed this to be the case. Many other studies too have followed and confirmed the idea that Transcendental Being has a halo or Super Radiance Effect.

This is also the reason we form groups in the Ninth Siddhi to predict Mega lotteries. An individual can predict 3 and 4 number games using 9th Siddhi techniques. But I believe we need to form groups and take advantage of the Super Radiance Effect to predict a Mega lottery. I am interested to know what you think.

New age girl

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September 24, 2012, 4:34 pmThe Source of Thought and Lottery Predictions

On my last blog post I wrote: On refection, I feel as if I experienced a real inner battle with my own ego. You see, in the Ninth Siddhi technique, the numbers come directly from the Source of Thought. Evidently, the ego does not give up its control easily. It goes to war to keep its power and its dominance. The Source of Thought is transcendental to our senses and our ego. That is, beyond our everyday experience. It is not an experience generated by the ego. However, in this way, we are able to predict a seemingly random event.

Readers of the Ninth Siddhi always ask, "What do you mean by the Source of Thought?" Or they will ask, "what do you mean by transcendental to our everyday experience?" Or "What does all this have to do with the lottery."

Lady by Pond

Think of it like this, say you are at the movie theater and just before the movie starts the bright light of the projector shines through the first few frames of the film. Sometimes the projectionist uses these blank frames to get the film started in the projector. Nonetheless, a very bright light appears on the screen. You are very aware of the bright light and marvel at its brightness. Then the movie starts. Now, the bright light changes to something familiar to ones perceiving mind, into something familiar to the senses. A little bit further into the movie you become emotionally involved and may be brought to tears, sometimes to laughter. Inevitably, you forget about the bright light that is the underlying basis of the sight and sound you are experiencing. As a matter of fact, once the movie starts, no amount of trying will let you view the screen as the bright light. The action in the movie is the way we experience objects of perception. That is, the way we experience the world through sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. But, in addition, the movie caused us to create thoughts and those thoughts created feelings in us. We experienced the movie as we experience life, through our senses, thoughts, and feelings.

Being is like the bright light before the movie starts. It is always present, albeit invisible to the senses. Clearly, the bright light like Being supports the action in the movie as Being supports our thoughts and actions. Being is life as the bright light of the projector is the movie. When we say that Being is transcendental to our thoughts and actions we mean that it is beyond our ability to perceive it through our senses or thoughts. But unlike the bright light of the movie projector, we can experience Being through meditative practice.

The experience of Being, as you might expect, is one of pure awareness. Imagine the bright light of the projector as having the capacity to manifest a movie as Being manifests life. As the bright light on the screen supports all aspects of the movie, Being likewise supports all aspects of life and creation. As the bright light is the foundation for a movie, Being is the foundation of life. When we say Being is outside relative existence, we mean it isn’t an object of perception, thought, or feeling. When we say Being is absolute, we mean, like the bright light of the movie projector, it is non-changing. It may manifest a movie, as being manifests life, but it remains unchanged in its essential nature. When we say Being is unbound by time and space, we mean that its nature is non-changing, absolute, and outside the relative sphere of existence.

However, Being has energy. As the bright light of the movie screen is reflected back to our eyes as light energy, Being manifests creation and our lives through an energy source called Prana. Prana is the tendency of the field of Being to manifest and create. In the Gnostic Christian tradition, this energy force is called the Blood of Christ. In China it is called Chi. In the book The Ninth Siddhi, the author discusses how this energy source, called “Dark Energy” by scientists, is measured and observed. This is the energy source used in the Ninth Siddhi to manifest or predict lottery numbers from the lottery number sequence.

Little Monks

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September 21, 2012, 1:43 pmChart Your Way to Lottery Success

If you’re going to spend time and money on a lottery system, then you should be able to show that you are improving on a daily basis. That is, hitting more numbers then chance would allow and hitting more numbers more often. The chart would then serve as verifiable evidence that you are learning a super normal skill. And that eventually, you will win the lottery.

So, using the Ninth Siddhi meditation technique to predict lottery numbers, I tried various charting techniques to show that I was indeed improving and that eventually I would win the lottery. I started with 3 number games. I designed a point system which rewarded predicting a digit in the actual lottery number drawn. If the digit was not in the proper position but in the actual lottery number you got 5 points. If the digit appeared in the lottery number and was in the proper position you got an additional 10 points. Sounds more complicated then it is. I used this worksheet to accumulate the points on a daily basis. Below find a cutout of the worksheet I used.

3 Game Cur Out

I used this worksheet to create a bar chart showing graphically my daily predictions. But after a couple of weeks I could not tell whether I was improving or not. The data appeared all over the board. Some days I hit lots of numbers, other days not so many. The data reminded me of stock prediction graphs. Going back to my financial analysis days at Chase, I remembered that we used moving averages to discern trends in data that appeared chaotic. So I included a ten day moving average to the chart. I thought that the ten day moving average would show any trend that was hidden in the data. This worked very well. The ten day moving average smoothed the data and showed a clear trend.

Any upward trend in the ten day moving average would prove that the Ninth Siddhi meditation technique was working. If the trend was flat then it would show that the technique was not predicting numbers any better than chance.

See my three game chart below.

My 3 Game Chart

To my surprise, the first few weeks showed a remarkable improvement. See chart. Then the trend line slowly went down. See chart. I was actually doing worse than chance would have it. Still, the technique was affecting the predictions, only in a negative way. It became apparent that something was going on. I believe that I was trying too hard. I became frustrated when I did not win the three number game in a couple of weeks. In was obvious that the harder I tried, the less effective my predictions were. So, on the verge of giving up, I stopped trying. After all, the pressure to succeed was gone. I began to meditate effortlessly. When I stopped trying and began allowing, I got the number on the first try. After all the emotional dust settled, I won the 3 number game in 32 days.

On refection, I feel as if I experienced a real inner battle with my own ego. In the Ninth Siddhi technique the numbers come directly from the Source of Thought. The Source of Thought is transcendental to our senses. That is, beyond our everyday experience. I was clearly battling my fear of failure, my fear of success, my own anxiety about the future. We all have our reasons not to succeed in our efforts to attain wealth, prosperity, and abundance but very few reasons to succeed. One of the things I learned from charting my predictions was that we must allow success to happen. Fear, worry, and trying only get in the way. The technique is effortless. Charting is integral to the Ninth Siddhi technique. Not only will you win the lottery, but you will learn a lot about yourself as well.

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