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The Source of Thought and Lottery Predictions


On my last blog post I wrote: On refection, I feel as if I experienced a real inner battle with my own ego. You see, in the Ninth Siddhi technique, the numbers come directly from the Source of Thought. Evidently, the ego does not give up its control easily. It goes to war to keep its power and its dominance. The Source of Thought is transcendental to our senses and our ego. That is, beyond our everyday experience. It is not an experience generated by the ego. However, in this way, we are able to predict a seemingly random event.

Readers of the Ninth Siddhi always ask, "What do you mean by the Source of Thought?" Or they will ask, "what do you mean by transcendental to our everyday experience?" Or "What does all this have to do with the lottery."

Lady by Pond

Think of it like this, say you are at the movie theater and just before the movie starts the bright light of the projector shines through the first few frames of the film. Sometimes the projectionist uses these blank frames to get the film started in the projector. Nonetheless, a very bright light appears on the screen. You are very aware of the bright light and marvel at its brightness. Then the movie starts. Now, the bright light changes to something familiar to ones perceiving mind, into something familiar to the senses. A little bit further into the movie you become emotionally involved and may be brought to tears, sometimes to laughter. Inevitably, you forget about the bright light that is the underlying basis of the sight and sound you are experiencing. As a matter of fact, once the movie starts, no amount of trying will let you view the screen as the bright light. The action in the movie is the way we experience objects of perception. That is, the way we experience the world through sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. But, in addition, the movie caused us to create thoughts and those thoughts created feelings in us. We experienced the movie as we experience life, through our senses, thoughts, and feelings.

Being is like the bright light before the movie starts. It is always present, albeit invisible to the senses. Clearly, the bright light like Being supports the action in the movie as Being supports our thoughts and actions. Being is life as the bright light of the projector is the movie. When we say that Being is transcendental to our thoughts and actions we mean that it is beyond our ability to perceive it through our senses or thoughts. But unlike the bright light of the movie projector, we can experience Being through meditative practice.

The experience of Being, as you might expect, is one of pure awareness. Imagine the bright light of the projector as having the capacity to manifest a movie as Being manifests life. As the bright light on the screen supports all aspects of the movie, Being likewise supports all aspects of life and creation. As the bright light is the foundation for a movie, Being is the foundation of life. When we say Being is outside relative existence, we mean it isn’t an object of perception, thought, or feeling. When we say Being is absolute, we mean, like the bright light of the movie projector, it is non-changing. It may manifest a movie, as being manifests life, but it remains unchanged in its essential nature. When we say Being is unbound by time and space, we mean that its nature is non-changing, absolute, and outside the relative sphere of existence.

However, Being has energy. As the bright light of the movie screen is reflected back to our eyes as light energy, Being manifests creation and our lives through an energy source called Prana. Prana is the tendency of the field of Being to manifest and create. In the Gnostic Christian tradition, this energy force is called the Blood of Christ. In China it is called Chi. In the book The Ninth Siddhi, the author discusses how this energy source, called “Dark Energy” by scientists, is measured and observed. This is the energy source used in the Ninth Siddhi to manifest or predict lottery numbers from the lottery number sequence.

Little Monks

Entry #2


rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - September 24, 2012, 10:10 pm
Is that broad in the movie? The one in the picture up top?
EastwindComment by Eastwind - September 25, 2012, 11:15 am
Great Comment rdgrnr. To see her in action you will need to go to a Bikram Yoga studio.

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