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In The Ninth Siddhi an energized intention is critical.


Budda at 200In the Ninth Siddhi Practice, setting an energized intention is the most critical element for success.   You must allow the numbers to be given to you with the intent of winning the lottery. Again, intent and emotion is critical to the process of prediction. You will be shown the numbers after meditating. The meditation will get you as close to the Source of Thought as possible. It is at this point that you set an energized intention. By energized we mean you must combine mind pictures with emotion of what it will feel like to be successful. Each initiate of the Ninth has his or her own reason for winning. It is left up to you to search your heart for the real reason you desire to be successful. Any emotion will work, but Love is the strongest. Also, the closer you can get to the Source of Thought the easier it will be to become emotional. When you first start the practice, try to think back to a situation when you felt the emotion you are trying to feel. This may help bring the emotion to mind. Then combine this emotion with a strong intent to obtain the winning lottery sequence. Again, by intent, we mean visualize yourself holding the winning ticket, driving to the outlet to receive your winnings, or using the money to help someone you love. On the Ninth Siddhi site, I provide a sound file to help get you started, but you must be proactive in creating these loving mind visualizations with intention. This is the basis of the Ninth Siddhi.

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