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Weatherstriped two doors


Last Edited: April 2, 2006, 8:20 pm

Well I took off the door stop on the front door of house and cut ripped that to 7/16" narrower and cut ripped a slot in it to receive the butterfly of the weatherseal. Fortunately the door stop was not part of the jamb so that made it easy to take off. Reinstalled the door stop and applied the weatherstripping. Needed to make adjustments on the top rail and vertical rails on the aluminum storm door. That fits real good now.

Then I done the kitchen door to the laundry room. Took of the old stop there and threw that away. Had a piece of lumber 1/2" thick by 5 1/2 wide so I ripped that down to 1 1/2 " and cut the slot in it. Reapplied and installed weatherstriping. Done for the day.

Still need to take off casing on kitchen door and reshim jamb on knob side as that is to far away from door. Latch would not catch right.

This must have been a git r dun and cut and go house. The type of houses some builders do in site houses.  Overall the house is not that bad but it needed that extra 10% in workmanship when they build them.

House are in the neighborhood of $100,000.00 in this area. Probably built and sold in the $30,000.00 range when built.

I work in downtown Charleston in the high end district and the work need to be up to par or you do it again. Those houses are anywhere from 500 thou up in to the millions, Marble counter tops, Antique wood floors, High end mouldings, Imported tile for the baths, Seen antique front door rim locks valued at about 2,000 dollars just for them. Very expensive goodies in those houses

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