Obamacare and the fiscal cliff



Anyone ever think this fiscal cliff deal is to blame the fiscal cliff on the fall in the economy, jobs and financial sector?

Could very well be a cover for the massive damage Obama-care is going to bring to this nation.

Blame it on the fiscal cliff and the republicans when the democrats are at the core of the blame.

And Obama does not want Obama-care to be blamed for the further decline of the nations economy.

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Avatar sully16 -
Everyone who can afford it should take the whole month of January off, start the New Year with a tax protest.
Avatar Think -
We aren't going over the fiscal cliff.
Nothing good like that ever happens!

The part about this that most people miss is that discrimination against minorities is wrong and Obama says that he only wants to increase taxes on the top 2%. Last time I checked 2% of any population is a minority group.

Well, I guess, according to Orwellbama wrong is right and discrimination is wrong unless he is the one doing the discriminating.

Now, let me be clear, I have never even been close to being in the top brackets ever but why are the 98% of us more equal than those other 2%?

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