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Negativity as i see it.


I set back on here, and watch alot of the stuff that is said and posted. And I try to keep quiet about it. Not that I'm afraid of any kind of confrontation. Just because i despise arguing. It accomplishes nothing. Arguing is the biggest waste of time i know of. For what time people spend arguing, they could have done had something figured out and done about what they where arguing about. I don't argue. At all. If it's with a female, I'm walking away. With a man, well that's a different story. It won't be an argument, is all I'll say about that. But the thing I hate more than arguing is negativity. That is, to me, the worst thing for the world. But, it's necessary. Without negativity, we'd probably just all be content at whatever. The negativity is like fuel on the fire. I don't agree with it, but that's the way it is. I'd much rather it be everyone helping one another and standing along side helping. Or atleast, showing the other some positivity. Unfortunatley that isn't the case as much as it need be.

Negativity in the world, as i see it, is like the school yard bully. But the bullies, are usually just scared inside of something. Something has happened to them, usually, that makes them the way they are. Sometimes they are just butt's. That's the one's that just need rolled around on the ground a little. The others that have had something happen to them, well, they should know how it feels and want to change it for someone else. I just don't understand being negative. I know that's not just me. There are plenty that probably feel the same way. Even if something is impossible, which i don't personally believe anything is impossible, why set and tell that person they can't? I mean, we live in a world where the possibilites are endless. They just are. It's been proven time and time again that it's possible. For me, I'm one of those that, if you tell me i can't do something. I'm going to do it. Some way, some how. So any negativity sent my direction, well, your just going to find out that it's not my time your wasting. I've been told i can't do something more than my share. And whatever it's been thus far, has been proven wrong. Which is really odd, because I'm always the one telling others they can do anything. Short of telling someone, sure, if you wanna go out and hurt someone, you can do it. I'm talking about positive things. The only thing stopping anyone from doing anything is themselves. That's it. There is a crack in a 6 inch concrete poured floor from a near 500 pound fifth wheel off the back of a dump truck right now because i was told i couldn't move it. It was throwed. I'm only 175 pounds. I've seen too much to know that something can't be done. There is no can't. Only won't. That's it. Period.

So negativity is just a part of life. It being a bad thing, can sure help a good thing. If you let it.

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