11 States with more people on welfare than working









New Mexico

New York


South Carolina

Source: Forbes

Entry #362


Avatar sosaad -
At least in 6 of the 11 the taxpayers sent more by way of Federal Income Tax Revenue to the Federal Government than they received by way of Federal Welfare subsidies unlike the other 5 which are true welfare states.
Avatar rdgrnr -
Democrats are going to learn the meaning of the word UNSUSTAINABLE the hard way when they cause the collapse of the whole system.
Public Aid was meant to be a safety net - not a hammock for life.
Avatar sully16 -
I am sure Michigan is getting close
Avatar CajunWin4 -
Barry's sheep are going to learn the Hard way . When the House of Cards start falling due to his Incompetence and Lack of Leadership . He can't blame no 1 else !!! What ever happens is all his fault . I wonder how all his sheep are going to survive with out all the Freebies given out by him ?
                    It's not a matter of if its going to happen , its a Matter of when !!!
Avatar sosaad -
Collapse of the system ONLY HAPPENS under Republican Governance.
Not to worry because after Nov.2014 The Democrats will be in charge of ALL of Government forever!
Avatar Coin Toss -

Look up what states are collapsing and what party their governor's are from. Or you can not look it up and stick to your inaccurate opinion.

In your nightmare scenario what some sage once said would prove itself to be all too true, the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money.

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