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lotto purchases today


Loviesthank you miser mega. i think you heard my plea for once. you granted me a rare win and i am so happy. White Bounce  i can say i won a mega million prize this year finally. i don't want to be so blunt as to ask for a bigger hit next time.

well i won 7 dollars on the washington mega million. so one of my twenty dollar tickets finally paid off. mega million is so depressing for odds to win. still a win is a win is a win.

man i don't even know what i have in my account. i got 27 in cash at home and about 30 dollars due me from two other states that i am waiting on checks. i have to put the money in the bank so i can have an idea of where i am at on my goal.

i just checked another powerball ticket that i got that came due on may 3rd. it was a loser but it was only a 2 dollar ticket. i bought it off the lady because someone had balked at paying for it. well it wasn't lucky for me either.

well nothing to report until next week. i am headed to idaho to personally purchase some tickets over there. i am debating on spending 40 or 60 dollars on powerball while i am there. i got some time to think about it. that ticket will take me into june and then i will get one from my friend in PA for a longer term ticket. which will get me into august. doing all i can to keep from going to oregon for the lottery.

last but not least. i am going to go over 5000 hits for my blog you are reading before this weekend. i wish i could give out a prize for every 1000th person that reads my blog. alas the technology is not there and neither is my wallet. i do appreciate each and evryone of you that reads my lotto purchases today blog. thank you thank you.

plus i need to give a special shout out to mister mega for granting me a hit this week. always appreciate hits from mr mega. mr power i do appreciate you too and your plentiful hits. just hit me some more you two with some big hits for this year. i am still waiting for the 100 dollar hit. peace.

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Michael E. PortComment by Michael E. Port - May 10, 2006, 7:40 pm
Where do you get your PowerBall tickets?
starchild_45Comment by starchild_45 - May 11, 2006, 5:53 am
i get them wherever i can get them at. i live close to oregon and i run down there when i need to get my tickets. it is 2 and 1/4 hours one way. sometimes when business or pleasure takes me to idaho. i will get my tickets from there. i have a friend in PA who buys tickets for me there when i send her money. plus on the trips i take for business from time to time i go to a powerball state and get the longest ticket i can get.

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