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a little aint enough-the second brain and almost computor illiterate


a story on the five oclock caught my attention last week where las vegas casinos haul in over six-or was it eight billion a year but the lotteries produce eighty six-or was it eighty eight billion a year-thats a whole lot ah crown-now for as long as i can remember-a lottery ticket was imune from inflation as they were for the most part one dollar a ticket-generally speaking-when the power thing decided to double the price of a ticket in the resent past i was apauled and interpeted it as a desperate knight takes bishop move on the lottery chess board when in fact it was rooted in what i now believe as-plain old fashioned greed-when i was growing up-shortly after the ice age-i interpeted or should i say mis-interpeted signs that the end was near upon seeing things play out in real time like-motor oil in convienient plastic disposable containers-the match striker sent to the back of the package of matches-individually wrapped slices of cheese with instructions in the package on how to properly remove the cheese from the individually wrapped package-the removal of the little coffee scoop in a can of coffee-coffee packaged in plastic containers and mrs olsen quietly fading away-you git the picture-i was confident that the lottery had blundered big time in something so basic and and after the black eye had gone away would return to the original formula-wrong again and i am left with a sinking feeling that the mega will soon follow suit-how rude-pick three is my game-ive been following and studing or crunching numbers for about fifteen years now-up untill oh about five or six months back-i didnt know jack from sickome about lottery math-mirror numbers-wheeling-sums-root sums and a litney of other powerfull tools and systems i now have in my toolbox-am still innondated with the information provided me through the black box and with great apreciation and respect-thank you-in the beguining i kept a little journal with the daily draws and started noticing patterns and before long i moved to adding-subtracting-etc-etc-etc-for an example i would add the numbers in a draw for what i now know as a sum and use those two numbers to polay-the third number would come by using the draws before and after-what i now know is a TTT-when i read prof hitts ready rundown-i thought-its familiar-i make a list of all the numbers that are showing multiple times-i also add and subtract to inflate the number of times a digit shows-i usually find three to five numbers that are found four-five or six times-also when they run up and down-across-diagonally-they are talking to me-figurativley speaking that is-make a block-take a look see and this will bring a little clairity-now im shure that this has been done before-im just saying that it was a way that i saw to increase my chances of gitting a box hit without spending a ten spot per draw-also if my numbers hadnt shown in ten plus draws i doubled them to catch the money i had put out previously-it dosent work every time and a silver bullet it is not-also when choosing and using the-and i quote-the elusive digit-i include the second brain more comonly refered to as th stomach or gut feeling-they say that the stomach and the brain are connected or hard wired if you will hence the term-gut feeling and i believe that-as long as its not telling you things like-lets jump out of a perfectly good plane or walk barefooted over hot coals or the such-listen to it with reason-im still learnig to pay attention-please consider the following-before relocating to central arkansas-i lived in north west arkansas-this is the bible belt and back in the day-a lottery had about a one in one hundred and seventy five million shot of ever becoming reality-a slim chance-a fat chance-why are those considered the same thing-the missouri line was about ten miles or so from where we worked and went up every other day to purchase lottery tickets-one day on my way to work-coming up to the hi-way on the county road i lived on saw i a most peculuar thing-the wind had caught a cr504 sign and it was turning and bending in a way that it shouldnt have been-very unusual sight to behold and going on my way-when i reached the bright spot where i purchased my tickets i thought to myself ill git a straight 504 and a straight box 504 evening just for grins-i can still feel the adrinilin rush i got by seeing-winner-see store clerk-600 smackeroos-300 smackeroos-i seem to catch myself looking a clocks that displat 222 0r 1111-it just means i look at the clock-alot-my gut feelings dont always provide returns but i do try to pay attention-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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