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July 2, 2013, 12:18 pmkeeping an open mind and as they say

i have tried my entire life to understand certain things that make absolutly no sense to me-seems that no matter what im strugling with to understand the answer always winds up giting lost in the translation and i end up right where i started-i understand how the liberal mind sees what it sees i just dont understand why-if it is really true that skyscrapers do not have a thirteenth floor in the real world then i understand why this is i just dont understand how this is-debt added to debt alone inflates not reduces yet a spending the way out of debt is not only embrased but acepted as the role model with a history of disaster atatched to it-i dont see history and facts as a bully but when brought up in inopertune moments they are acused by some of just that-see translation-bumblebees arent supose to be able to fly acording to there make up and size but they do-sorta like the congress-when i was in the hayday of my prime my dad told me that the older i got the quicker time would seem to go and i that i would dread the cold of winter a little more with each year-right again-i am completly amazed and in the worst posible sense of just how some pride bearing mamals whos egos are so big that even there ego has an ego and are often known to compare themselves to-well-themselves-gifting themselves to a life of public service as a contribution to society-my contribution to society is wearing a ball cap in public as the hairs of the head are quite literally numbered and being active for anything good in comunity offering-when i dont agree or understand why a person or group would do or say in particular of something and it is re-esplained to help me understand-upon arival of the second repeating i just usually throw the towel in with as they say in the seventh grade-my bad-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

Entry #29
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July 1, 2013, 11:31 amthe lost books-second hand smoke and what now

cultures and peoples all look to a past record to which there beliefs are based and in the christian world of denomination or division everything folowing the first four words of the bible-in the beguining God-right up to the last word found right before the maps amen or thats that has been said to be-merely comentary and open to inturpitation-simple can be made into complicated and complicated can be made into simple but the theme or mesage for the christian world of believers is for the most part the same-the intirpitation seems to be the stumbling block-not the record-i am of the opinion that face value is of great wealth-when good king james by what i believe to be a literal esample of providence put out the order to bind a book another clock was set in motion and the books that were chosen and one in particular that was later-twice removed are the books that the God i know chose to be esampled-in my opinion it is far better to know God than to be known by God-with the lost and found versions that circle the globe in just this category alone hold both nutritional values as well as unhealthy choices for digestion and if i lived to be a hundred i would at best scratch the surface with the sixty six i search diligently and study feverishly no matter how many times i take them in-genuine love does not force-fair is fair and to each be his own-i was knowing this-i am hearing a new take on a cant win for loosing strategy of the anti smoke campaign-any smoker knows its unfair to polute the breathing air space that non smokers share in a a confined area but with a new twist second hand smoke has been trumped by third hand smoke-how can third hand smoke be more dangerous than second hand smoke-thats what the new do is all about-and whie i git the second hand smoke argument all to well this third hand smoke thing is the writing on the wall for things to come that are to punish smokers-because i choose to smoke the particle residue permeates my clothes and being and thus poisons those i come in contact with or am around-this makes about as much commons as the global and green estraction methods that are used-if you really want to become scared to death about something that deals with smoke then check out hanford washington-unbeknownst to me i learned about this nightmare of nightmares of the local five thirty oclock news-how could this happen and how could i have not known about this after all of these years-this just has disaster written all over it and i dont know what to say-oh wait-yes i do-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

Entry #28
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June 30, 2013, 10:19 amfrom plant to animal-abraham to issac and four

from the time that i started working i have included asprin in my daily regiment and the cheapest savin grain that money can buy-what at first served as a recovery method was replaced as a aches and pain answer to and eventually looked at as a multi vitiman supliment in tree bark-my calculations produce over fourty thousand and counting-at one time medicines and drugs were derived from plant life forms but in the not so recent past when science had a head on colision with it use to be a cow eye but now has been synthisized into a life saving drug-the might be if taken risks seem to outweigh the ilness itself-drugs and medicines are a good thing and im gratefull that we have them-i just hope they leave the asprin recipe alone-technology and medicine marks a point in time that could give some new thoughts in the six hundred-sixty and six conspiracey realm-i would believe that newton was a God fearing man and a christian and this mathmatical genius was aplied to the records found in scripture to arive at a date where this earth age would come to an end by not on-i guess that there were some people back then that were calling and or predicting that the end was near and he wasnt impresed with any of it-this contribution to mankind was to put a stop to this humbugin but it didnt work and there still makin claim-given the gravity of the situation both then and now there seems to be nothing new under the sun-only the aplications have changed and things do apear to be ramping up for something big-what would newton-washington-easu and woodrow have to say if only they could see the quartet in action today-two would be fighting mad and two would be fighting-first the atom-now this-i believe that love is a choice-real love canot be forced or pushed off like a cleaver parlor trick-it does not open with a recital on what to do and close with a lecture on what not to do-i aproach my God with great respect for love-i am not scared of God-he is my friend and i just talk to him and while he has never spoken to me in an audible sense he sure is a good listener-i choose my beliefs in love and respect the beliefs of others as well weather i understand them or not-Gods arm is certainly not to short and coronation day is coming-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

Entry #27
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June 29, 2013, 10:09 amclass action and from the latin term meaning

some people look to a higher power for answers and inspiration to esplain what the meaning of life really is and some do not-karma for some is what karma is not to others-the beauty of ability to believe in someone or something to better the world is by no means unique and is a good thing as i see it but things seem to have a way off course in due process of time-outside of my family the only direction that i give is you go down two blocks and make a right at the four way stop-people have a right to believe in whatever or whom ever they so choose to and hopefully in a peacefull non hatefull way-when things go wrong or bad wrong or really bad wrong i look back through my interpitation of it aint no perfect world and see one on the ground with a stone laying there-i would believe it imposible for me to re-thimk what i know and believe to be the truth the whole truth and nothin but the truth so help me out here-why do so many people insist that they have the right answers or there inturpitation is the corect one out of so many and that there god is the only true god-i do not know-i do not have an esclusive franchise on-the right answers and i say to each his own and live and let live-key word-live-one of the two things that i canot understand is how a person or a group that deny the esistance of God git so completly bent out of shape over something or someone who acording to them does not esist and these folks are all about it-ive found more than one federal reserve note with the in God we trust all scratched out with much aplied presure-im surprised that something created in an outrage lab hasnt come forward through the apropriate chanel to file a class action lawsuit against god and because hes no where to be found compensation should be provided by and through the taxpayers-id like to file a lawsuit of my own or a couple of them and on the grounds of stupidity but then theres that imunity thing render null and void-a later day frankenstien can be liken to a casino whistling in the dark mentality-rarely do i say-and i quote and actually dont quote me should forward most everything that i say-from the latin term nonsense meaning-no sense and ill bet it all on the house thate casino meaning to relieve or remove-i still can speak a little latin from when i was under the influence of youth but its igpa atinla-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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June 28, 2013, 1:35 pmwhen all else fails and such disrespect

i still follow the same routine that i grew up with and when all else fails-read the instructions-when i go to asemble something we drag home from the store and she hands me the instructions the routine beguins with whats that folowed by i dont need that and concluded with wheres the instructions-works every time-direction and instruction is a good thing and usually helps to keep one from repeating certain steps or really messing something up bad-oh i dont know take congress for an quick lap around the train of thought track-we have laws and we make laws-some things we amend and some things we flat out change-we have a constitution not an unconstitution and would be served best to keep the right order in the right order or it seems to me anyway-if my dad was here to see just how far that weve come with the good bad or indiferant he would probably tell me that he knew that this day was coming and you have my sympathy-now do something about it-turns out that he did live to see it-sorta kinda as when he was replaced his eyes and another vital organ that he used was given to needy people and with great apreciation i am sure-thanks pop-everyone has worth and weather they like it or not is a contributing factor to the cause for which they stand be it for good or for bad-when i saw lipton pushed up into my face i imediatly hung two of them around my rear view mirror and i dont care for tea-its the cause that i am so pasionate about-do you have grandchildren-we do-do you have children-we do to-and from debt to dreams in-good lord willin and the creek dont rise hopfully tomarow fill follow in a better set of rule-instruction and direction than the ones that were used yesterday and today-i am told that there is a way to reverse the course and git the brakes aplied in time to whow nelly this spending insanity-debt has a mental weight of zero to me and i honestly do not know how these folks will ever actually git it let alone put a stop to it-can you say corection-i am also told that its not just us but the world is broke-another good reason to pray and to each his own at that-somewhere between seventeen and three hundred plus trillion-knowone really has a number that can be hammered down-is a creature that lives and not from an island but of an island-with just the right perspective and light one can truly love life for what it is-good and of great worth-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

Entry #25
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June 27, 2013, 10:10 ama past left behind series to the curent one

my mother is a republican whos conservative nature uses wisdom to compas and guide her thoughts and decisions-she taught school and for the right reasons and in the right order her entire life-my dad worked for the railroad and was a democrat due to the nature of the beast and member but even he washed his hands of the party by the time that it was bills day to shine-retired and every day the equivilence of a sunday to him in his interpitation of day to shine-he couldnt as he so elequently put it even recognise his old choice as the had eschanged knuckleball common sense for a painfull version in theatre of the absurd-when we were kids growing up and our aunts would visit our house for the holidays the question always came up-now are you children republicans or democrats to which my younger brother would say-i dont know but i thimk im a lutheran-it seems to me anyway that towards the end of the previous century the left went way south off the map and in a wierd version of political hopscotch the right for the most part lost there footing and shifted or slid quite literaly-into it-my dad would eventualy wash his hands of what i would call-incompitence as a whole and vote his concience in the lesser of two evils-maybe washington would do well to thimk about a dose of a diferant version of the total transformation program-this is not the creomoltion or cod liver oil medicine we took growing up-its the same old face with a new look jim and it couldnt hurt to try even this at this stage-the frozen members are always taken by surprise when new esamples of comon sense come out of congress from just representation and then imediatly atacked for a smorgasboard of reasons-bad ones but ill hold that line and ill hold fast-ill sweat the small stuff and let God handle the rest of it-in the original lawn mower man movie-right before the and there she blows moment it shows a distorted version of a transgenic human frantically darting to differant number series in a bubble to unlock a code in time-this could be a real pick 3 nightmare for me and its just how i felt right before i put a chuck in it-voting-praying and setting an esample are my quick pick 3 formula and outside of that-lifes to short to sweet to be consumed with things that you might just not be able to change no matter how hard you work to corect it-i know this much-darkness canot drive out darkness any more than hate can drive out hate-only love can do that-thanks martin-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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June 26, 2013, 10:15 amru480anything goes six and uncomfortably numb

coffee-tabasco and a job and or jobs have been a constant routine for me going back to since when-columbian brand and norwegian style rule and my greatest fear is that creation itself could come to a grinding hault before its coffee time-one could fill a small swiming pool with all of the pepper sause that ive consumed throughout my life and i give credit to the pepper world for a near perfect run in the health department with the eseption of what my wife says was was a few cases of mild food poisoning that i misdiagnosed as a bug in the fluensa and of all the jobs that ive caried throughout my life and there has been a bunch of them-there have only been a couple that i hated and i mean really hated-like-looked for reasons on the way to work to turn around and go back to the house-any reason would do but the suckers walk phrase forces the conclusion-work is my friend-seems to me that in my scatterbrained memory log i do remember the outrage in the conservative world of normal breathing living human beings when ru four eighty six was introduced and i believe out of europe in the eighties-whats hapening now makes what was hapening back in the day look like kid stuff-i do not know and i do not understand just how some judges and elected oficials-teachers and even a sea of voters arive where we are in the name of a harmless step towards fairness although i do know and i do understand-i just dont understand it-this backwards double talk has worn me down over the years and now that the stage has been set-nothing would surprise me-i believe that people have the right to do-say and thimk whatever they so choose to and with the hope that it might build up or better mankind-my faith for my beliefs can be found right next to my comon sense and these paternal twins share a room with a bunk bed-you will not find me on a busy street corner with a big sign warning that the end is near or displaying hatefull things towards the government but you might run into us at the polls or at our local food bank and meeting-when it comes to a point in fiscal madness and especially in the stupid rules and fools abound category-you just gota ask yourself what in heavens name is going on down here-its certainly not a scheduling conflict-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

Entry #23
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June 25, 2013, 9:57 amalset to reverse tesla aplication and backwards

the words that are used to describe the ushering in of advanced technology are strained with the finger prints of nicola tesla-a world wide conection to and with a web of information for the greater good of man and joined right at the century with just a hint of cause and efect-i believe that he was a bit more conected than just a mad scientist with destruction toys-without going into the-gray-area help that he made claim to recieve or contact he was an absolute genius acording to history records and papers that were left behind-wouldnt do me any good to read the ones that got away although i can now add the taking of a picture with my cello phone to my vast repituare of creative skills-thank you nicola-what was believed and introduced to simplify complicated matters has complicated even the simplist of things and everybody still seems to have a need for a hard copy-sorry trees-shortly after watching the story of tesla we watched a mind blowing prograhm on holograms and their aplication capabilities-this does not raise concern but it does answer some future questions that i might have in the seeing is believing department reguarding hoax of hoaxes and swindle of swindles in the coming great deception-if this need to simplify life by complicating it was ever taken away or reversed im not shure what the result would be-everything seems to have reversed or gone backwards with the eseption of only two things-as a baby boomer what watched in the spring-summer and fall of my time seems to have reversaed and across the board-flesh and blood can relate to death and taxes and if ever there was a time for change and prayre and not necisarily in that order-it would most certainly be now-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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June 24, 2013, 10:07 amanother credit to the animal kingdom and curve

going back what seems like yesterday but is actually a decade and asking my wife what she wanted for her birthday she said a shar-pi to which i said-whats that to which she said a dog-never heard of it-i grew up with beagles and hound dogs but i found one for her in misouri and after i got back up off the ground and stoped crying over the equivalence of a pick 3 straight hit i caried the wrinkly little ball of mutt home to her-a friend of mine raises rotwilers and thats what he gits for a pup-but its a rot-knowing what i now know and when she leaves us i will git another one for-us-she is an incredable little dog-probably just like yours is to you and its not just becauser of the racking up of time-she is comited to a one master policy within the breed but mother hens our son and tolerates me-the little sausage is so spoiled and personified its unreal-she sleeps in the bed with us-she goes to town with us-she watches the idiot box with us and is included on the family roster right in front of me-when we brought our son home in a diferant form that she was use to i watched her but good not knowing just how she would behave-when he cried she whimpered and cried at the feet of my wife or myself-she became and is to this day this childs shadow and for as rough and as mean to her as he is in the process of trying to figure out how it works down here-she is as ever with him-this wonderfull little dog probably thimks of us as helpless human beings and has made it her ambition to look after us-i was disapointed to learn that my wife had the same number of ribs that i did-uneducated man that i am i just asumed that if a rib was taken to make another-well one plus one being two ya know-along with the help of e w bulinger and mr helix unlocking the dna curve thing-another mystery solved-in both instances giving new meaning to the word-curve-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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June 23, 2013, 2:32 pmso many fathers and big time hard rock

well lets see here-ive got an earthly father of ah pro creation or i should say have had known as he has since been transfered into the loving hands of God-he was the fairest down to earth person that i have ever known and he loved my mother more than anything-i have a heavenly father by design that has never put me into a bum steer and at the end of the day when i have my heart to heart with him instead of the title God i call him by what i believe as recorded to be his name-this is my own little way of reminding myself that he is not only personal and real but that he is listening to questions-coments and direction-i have the founding fathers and the records of just esactly who-what-where-when and why they did what they did in the name of freedom and liberty-i have a musical father figurativly speaking-figurativly-speaking in the spirit of sammy hagar-sammy the hagar was and is to this day the influence and motivation to go buy a guitar and learn how to play the creature-the first time that i heard a montrose rock the nation song a box fliped over in  my mind and spilled over everthing resulting in a forming of the clay-hes a genius of the buisnes world and has always been in it to win it-he is the most incredable person that i never knew-top of the rock stuff and again-ricky medlocke blackfoot was my southern conection to tomcattins pattern of just how to do it and i mean do it-i have always valued my time as well as esercised it acordingly as God only gives one a certain number of breaths and i came to the end of myself a long-long time ago-wouldnt want to wastem-and then theres the behemoth of behemoths-el capetan-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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June 22, 2013, 9:24 amequal oportunity enjoyment and cash or debit

i can remember a yearly visit to our elementary class room from a person im asuming was conected with the gears of justice and freedom that would speak to us about how nice it was to be able to go and visit grandparents and friends without having to first ask permision of fill out another request form-this always was welcomed as it put an interuption into the-boaring-i just couldnt understand why they would repeat this every year-we went to see my grandparents all the time and the only person who gave my dad instruction was my mother and in the best sense that i can be taken-i still give credit for my ability to read in the look jane look-see spot jump-jump spot jump years of repitition-both have which have gone by the wayside-by the sixth grade i had become a frozen member statistic and in the seventh grade became the epitomy of a problem child and by the ninth grade i had reached critical mass and this marked the beguining of the end-what was a badge of honor by making the claim that i had never read a book in my entire life was reversed and to this day i have read only one book but ive read it many times-everyone has an equal oportunity to pick and choose and just as they wish-just the way it ought to be-want a better job-git a better education-dont want an education then work hard-you git back what you put into anything-want to be miserable-be miserable-want to make a positive diferance in a troubled world-be positive and look for the good wherever you are at-can you imagine what this veil of tears would be like without the prayers and actions of good hearted people and i mean all over the globe-God listens to the intentions of a persons heart long before they are aware of them-when i go into a store or resturant and that little voice says its time-i ask the apropriate person if they acept cash-its not been all that long ago when charge or debit was a less popular choice or around here anyway-now everything seems to be conected to a swipe and go choice as the given-i like cash-i like grant and i love franklin and should the day of a cashless society actually arive-ive still got a good-good friend in silver and gold-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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June 21, 2013, 9:19 amone giant leap and its a great day for the race

within the last one hundred years and some change has come every game changing advance and in every category with the eseption of one-acording to what has been recorded in books that are widly acepted as factual recorded history and starting with the airplane finding its way up into the sky until this present day miracle of super advanced technology teathered to almost everything-its been a busy century to say the least-i can still see the giant acahbus with the colored wooden runners they had in the classrooms when i was in elementary school thanks to the miracle of electricity and when i was a child we had painted wooden blocks-metal tonka trucks-tinker toys and the cutting edge of cool-hot wheels-shure has become a plastic world-what ive been told will be the last branch to shoot out from this side of the family tree has some really unbelievably cool toys-these are the toys that i never had-what we thought of as crewl and unusual punishment in the-but i want category-has now repeated a generation-my dad came home one day with four new mini bikes in his truck-i can still see my mother huging and putting her lips upon his cheek-then he got back into his truck and disapeared with our mini bikes-it was devistating for three of us but our sister didnt much seem to care and then we got over it-is it because everything has become so conected or has this world gone stark raving mad-the middle east is on fire-we got a pile of problems here at home to who laid it-and on and on and on-wana make a diferance-git on the social justice wagon-where you go to meeting-suport your local food bank or goodwill-salvation army-pray-vote-pray-open a door for someone-take some time out to smile and thank a vet in the name of courage-the list is endless-in a field to work of choices-choose wisely and then will come the good things out of an american standard of eseptionalism-its a great day for the race-the human race-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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June 20, 2013, 11:30 amthe worlds most perfect food and a balancing act

up untill about about five years back i could eat anything and everything i wanted to-no limits and no sparing of the horsepower-i have always had part time jobs to supliment the income and they have always been in bakeries-donut shops or pizza joints and resurants-either my three major food groups-cafene-nicoteen and sugar had finally turned on me or ageings unpleasant eventuality of the metabolism slowing down was responsable for this-thimking that the wrong size label had been sewen on the blue jean waistband when gitting new ones quickly became another one of my dads forcast in-your day will come-i was mortified to find the new ones were a few notches up or out on the ticker and this was the beguining of the index fingers finding the loops regularly to sinch them up abit-great insult was put upon me when i found a belt in the bag of stuff that had come home from the store and it wasnt untill i snaped a belt loop in the sinching up process that i realised-this means war and a middle age spread intervintion was waged-upon the decision of adjustments in calore intake and the removal of sugars and a few other old friends i decided to give the belt a trial run on a regular visit we make to the little rock zoo-two arch enemies became best friends that day-i still name pizza as the worlds most perfect food-it has a variety of healthy food choices on it-grain-dairy-meat-vegetables and more-procesed foods play second fiddle to a balanced diet and the attack is on always on the burger doodles or faster foods-while my results have been limited in what i would call sucsess none the less-they are results and am comited to a work in progress-what i thought to be a cut back on ink within the newspaper industry and in the form of smaller print turned out to be false-i realised this after noticing that the birds dont seem to be chirpin as loud as they use to and my two speeds-on and off were slugish to come on and go off line-could there be some truth in its not the years-its the miles-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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June 19, 2013, 9:18 amthe mother of invention-the ism factor and a giant

i watched a couple of north west arkansas small buisness ontempenures march their way into a front and center stage position of the retail-marketing world of capitolism-oh for the beautiful face of capitolism-most people agree that small buisness is a vital part of the economic formula for growth and a strong-economic american backbone-so the retorical question begs-what in the name of common sense is going on-these two in paticular were small buisneses when i was a young man and just look at them now-confidential trade secret-hard work-right place right time-hard work-supply and demand with good listening techniqes-hard work and-oh yea-more hard work-after streaming off what could have been high point of my youth-upon entering into the work force i learned pleanty quick the reality of work and have worked ever since-the mesage to my children is and always has been the same-do as i say-not as i do and to everyone else-do as i did not do-the same rule and advice that i rejected as a child i now find myself giving to their grandchildren-i still come to grips when i realised just how smart my dad became overnight shortly after i had left the nest-i to am of the camp that flagpoles the standard and come what may i will always believe that americas best days are ahead of us-the beautifull face of capitolism shines for more than one reason-capitolism has always been an american standard and a leader in the ism of choices-i consider myself to be a God fearing and constitutional based uncompromising christian and in my opinion if you want just a little more than a shot at the truth you go to a giant and boy if it were only that easy-this guy walks into a room and problem solved-there is a very-very good reason they call him the great one-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

Entry #16
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June 18, 2013, 10:41 amtriangles up in the sky and political corectnesnes

in the mid seventies upon my taking hold of of the world by the tail and having the time of my life my younger sibling swore up and down that while out crazy boying around he and two other friends saw a ufo up in the sky over north west arkansas-i could see that he was serious as he was visably shaken so i did the only thing a loving brother could do-first i said-who are you and what have you done with my brother followed by-were you boys hoisting brewskies or esperiminting with a sparkling wine-after interuptin him a few times and repeating the question-imediatly folowing the yea but-i asked if he had any missing time during the event that he couldnt acount for and thats when he threw the first punch-brotherly love-i tolds him that it would serve him well if he would just move on and keep that little nugget of phenominom to himself-what the heavyweights would call swamp gas i would call industrial complex exercises-years later the lid was pried off of this mystery when the us military rolled the stealth out for the world to have a look see and for like the bazillionth time in my life-i am proud of my country-there is a military base in west plains misouri where some of the stealths camp out and this is just what he had tried to describe to me-just thimk of what they could drag out of the hangers now-see eisenhower and as far as a real-elian conection with beings that have a diferant form substance-the only evedience there is that such things esist comes in the form of a mountain-see answer book for written documentation and night vision generation four as an optical testing-testing-isocoleese-i thank the God of heaven and earth that i have never had any such encounters of the creepy stuff kind and am pretty shure they wouldnt want to host with me because of my friend-whos to say-certainly not me-i can remember a time and not that far back either when political corectness was almost sinonomus for republican party-what happened-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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