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class action and from the latin term meaning


some people look to a higher power for answers and inspiration to esplain what the meaning of life really is and some do not-karma for some is what karma is not to others-the beauty of ability to believe in someone or something to better the world is by no means unique and is a good thing as i see it but things seem to have a way off course in due process of time-outside of my family the only direction that i give is you go down two blocks and make a right at the four way stop-people have a right to believe in whatever or whom ever they so choose to and hopefully in a peacefull non hatefull way-when things go wrong or bad wrong or really bad wrong i look back through my interpitation of it aint no perfect world and see one on the ground with a stone laying there-i would believe it imposible for me to re-thimk what i know and believe to be the truth the whole truth and nothin but the truth so help me out here-why do so many people insist that they have the right answers or there inturpitation is the corect one out of so many and that there god is the only true god-i do not know-i do not have an esclusive franchise on-the right answers and i say to each his own and live and let live-key word-live-one of the two things that i canot understand is how a person or a group that deny the esistance of God git so completly bent out of shape over something or someone who acording to them does not esist and these folks are all about it-ive found more than one federal reserve note with the in God we trust all scratched out with much aplied presure-im surprised that something created in an outrage lab hasnt come forward through the apropriate chanel to file a class action lawsuit against god and because hes no where to be found compensation should be provided by and through the taxpayers-id like to file a lawsuit of my own or a couple of them and on the grounds of stupidity but then theres that imunity thing render null and void-a later day frankenstien can be liken to a casino whistling in the dark mentality-rarely do i say-and i quote and actually dont quote me should forward most everything that i say-from the latin term nonsense meaning-no sense and ill bet it all on the house thate casino meaning to relieve or remove-i still can speak a little latin from when i was under the influence of youth but its igpa atinla-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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