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one giant leap and its a great day for the race


within the last one hundred years and some change has come every game changing advance and in every category with the eseption of one-acording to what has been recorded in books that are widly acepted as factual recorded history and starting with the airplane finding its way up into the sky until this present day miracle of super advanced technology teathered to almost everything-its been a busy century to say the least-i can still see the giant acahbus with the colored wooden runners they had in the classrooms when i was in elementary school thanks to the miracle of electricity and when i was a child we had painted wooden blocks-metal tonka trucks-tinker toys and the cutting edge of cool-hot wheels-shure has become a plastic world-what ive been told will be the last branch to shoot out from this side of the family tree has some really unbelievably cool toys-these are the toys that i never had-what we thought of as crewl and unusual punishment in the-but i want category-has now repeated a generation-my dad came home one day with four new mini bikes in his truck-i can still see my mother huging and putting her lips upon his cheek-then he got back into his truck and disapeared with our mini bikes-it was devistating for three of us but our sister didnt much seem to care and then we got over it-is it because everything has become so conected or has this world gone stark raving mad-the middle east is on fire-we got a pile of problems here at home to who laid it-and on and on and on-wana make a diferance-git on the social justice wagon-where you go to meeting-suport your local food bank or goodwill-salvation army-pray-vote-pray-open a door for someone-take some time out to smile and thank a vet in the name of courage-the list is endless-in a field to work of choices-choose wisely and then will come the good things out of an american standard of eseptionalism-its a great day for the race-the human race-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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