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from plant to animal-abraham to issac and four


from the time that i started working i have included asprin in my daily regiment and the cheapest savin grain that money can buy-what at first served as a recovery method was replaced as a aches and pain answer to and eventually looked at as a multi vitiman supliment in tree bark-my calculations produce over fourty thousand and counting-at one time medicines and drugs were derived from plant life forms but in the not so recent past when science had a head on colision with it use to be a cow eye but now has been synthisized into a life saving drug-the might be if taken risks seem to outweigh the ilness itself-drugs and medicines are a good thing and im gratefull that we have them-i just hope they leave the asprin recipe alone-technology and medicine marks a point in time that could give some new thoughts in the six hundred-sixty and six conspiracey realm-i would believe that newton was a God fearing man and a christian and this mathmatical genius was aplied to the records found in scripture to arive at a date where this earth age would come to an end by not on-i guess that there were some people back then that were calling and or predicting that the end was near and he wasnt impresed with any of it-this contribution to mankind was to put a stop to this humbugin but it didnt work and there still makin claim-given the gravity of the situation both then and now there seems to be nothing new under the sun-only the aplications have changed and things do apear to be ramping up for something big-what would newton-washington-easu and woodrow have to say if only they could see the quartet in action today-two would be fighting mad and two would be fighting-first the atom-now this-i believe that love is a choice-real love canot be forced or pushed off like a cleaver parlor trick-it does not open with a recital on what to do and close with a lecture on what not to do-i aproach my God with great respect for love-i am not scared of God-he is my friend and i just talk to him and while he has never spoken to me in an audible sense he sure is a good listener-i choose my beliefs in love and respect the beliefs of others as well weather i understand them or not-Gods arm is certainly not to short and coronation day is coming-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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