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equal oportunity enjoyment and cash or debit


i can remember a yearly visit to our elementary class room from a person im asuming was conected with the gears of justice and freedom that would speak to us about how nice it was to be able to go and visit grandparents and friends without having to first ask permision of fill out another request form-this always was welcomed as it put an interuption into the-boaring-i just couldnt understand why they would repeat this every year-we went to see my grandparents all the time and the only person who gave my dad instruction was my mother and in the best sense that i can be taken-i still give credit for my ability to read in the look jane look-see spot jump-jump spot jump years of repitition-both have which have gone by the wayside-by the sixth grade i had become a frozen member statistic and in the seventh grade became the epitomy of a problem child and by the ninth grade i had reached critical mass and this marked the beguining of the end-what was a badge of honor by making the claim that i had never read a book in my entire life was reversed and to this day i have read only one book but ive read it many times-everyone has an equal oportunity to pick and choose and just as they wish-just the way it ought to be-want a better job-git a better education-dont want an education then work hard-you git back what you put into anything-want to be miserable-be miserable-want to make a positive diferance in a troubled world-be positive and look for the good wherever you are at-can you imagine what this veil of tears would be like without the prayers and actions of good hearted people and i mean all over the globe-God listens to the intentions of a persons heart long before they are aware of them-when i go into a store or resturant and that little voice says its time-i ask the apropriate person if they acept cash-its not been all that long ago when charge or debit was a less popular choice or around here anyway-now everything seems to be conected to a swipe and go choice as the given-i like cash-i like grant and i love franklin and should the day of a cashless society actually arive-ive still got a good-good friend in silver and gold-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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