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ru480anything goes six and uncomfortably numb


coffee-tabasco and a job and or jobs have been a constant routine for me going back to since when-columbian brand and norwegian style rule and my greatest fear is that creation itself could come to a grinding hault before its coffee time-one could fill a small swiming pool with all of the pepper sause that ive consumed throughout my life and i give credit to the pepper world for a near perfect run in the health department with the eseption of what my wife says was was a few cases of mild food poisoning that i misdiagnosed as a bug in the fluensa and of all the jobs that ive caried throughout my life and there has been a bunch of them-there have only been a couple that i hated and i mean really hated-like-looked for reasons on the way to work to turn around and go back to the house-any reason would do but the suckers walk phrase forces the conclusion-work is my friend-seems to me that in my scatterbrained memory log i do remember the outrage in the conservative world of normal breathing living human beings when ru four eighty six was introduced and i believe out of europe in the eighties-whats hapening now makes what was hapening back in the day look like kid stuff-i do not know and i do not understand just how some judges and elected oficials-teachers and even a sea of voters arive where we are in the name of a harmless step towards fairness although i do know and i do understand-i just dont understand it-this backwards double talk has worn me down over the years and now that the stage has been set-nothing would surprise me-i believe that people have the right to do-say and thimk whatever they so choose to and with the hope that it might build up or better mankind-my faith for my beliefs can be found right next to my comon sense and these paternal twins share a room with a bunk bed-you will not find me on a busy street corner with a big sign warning that the end is near or displaying hatefull things towards the government but you might run into us at the polls or at our local food bank and meeting-when it comes to a point in fiscal madness and especially in the stupid rules and fools abound category-you just gota ask yourself what in heavens name is going on down here-its certainly not a scheduling conflict-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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