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the lost books-second hand smoke and what now


cultures and peoples all look to a past record to which there beliefs are based and in the christian world of denomination or division everything folowing the first four words of the bible-in the beguining God-right up to the last word found right before the maps amen or thats that has been said to be-merely comentary and open to inturpitation-simple can be made into complicated and complicated can be made into simple but the theme or mesage for the christian world of believers is for the most part the same-the intirpitation seems to be the stumbling block-not the record-i am of the opinion that face value is of great wealth-when good king james by what i believe to be a literal esample of providence put out the order to bind a book another clock was set in motion and the books that were chosen and one in particular that was later-twice removed are the books that the God i know chose to be esampled-in my opinion it is far better to know God than to be known by God-with the lost and found versions that circle the globe in just this category alone hold both nutritional values as well as unhealthy choices for digestion and if i lived to be a hundred i would at best scratch the surface with the sixty six i search diligently and study feverishly no matter how many times i take them in-genuine love does not force-fair is fair and to each be his own-i was knowing this-i am hearing a new take on a cant win for loosing strategy of the anti smoke campaign-any smoker knows its unfair to polute the breathing air space that non smokers share in a a confined area but with a new twist second hand smoke has been trumped by third hand smoke-how can third hand smoke be more dangerous than second hand smoke-thats what the new do is all about-and whie i git the second hand smoke argument all to well this third hand smoke thing is the writing on the wall for things to come that are to punish smokers-because i choose to smoke the particle residue permeates my clothes and being and thus poisons those i come in contact with or am around-this makes about as much commons as the global and green estraction methods that are used-if you really want to become scared to death about something that deals with smoke then check out hanford washington-unbeknownst to me i learned about this nightmare of nightmares of the local five thirty oclock news-how could this happen and how could i have not known about this after all of these years-this just has disaster written all over it and i dont know what to say-oh wait-yes i do-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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