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so many fathers and big time hard rock


well lets see here-ive got an earthly father of ah pro creation or i should say have had known as he has since been transfered into the loving hands of God-he was the fairest down to earth person that i have ever known and he loved my mother more than anything-i have a heavenly father by design that has never put me into a bum steer and at the end of the day when i have my heart to heart with him instead of the title God i call him by what i believe as recorded to be his name-this is my own little way of reminding myself that he is not only personal and real but that he is listening to questions-coments and direction-i have the founding fathers and the records of just esactly who-what-where-when and why they did what they did in the name of freedom and liberty-i have a musical father figurativly speaking-figurativly-speaking in the spirit of sammy hagar-sammy the hagar was and is to this day the influence and motivation to go buy a guitar and learn how to play the creature-the first time that i heard a montrose rock the nation song a box fliped over in  my mind and spilled over everthing resulting in a forming of the clay-hes a genius of the buisnes world and has always been in it to win it-he is the most incredable person that i never knew-top of the rock stuff and again-ricky medlocke blackfoot was my southern conection to tomcattins pattern of just how to do it and i mean do it-i have always valued my time as well as esercised it acordingly as God only gives one a certain number of breaths and i came to the end of myself a long-long time ago-wouldnt want to wastem-and then theres the behemoth of behemoths-el capetan-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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