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another credit to the animal kingdom and curve


going back what seems like yesterday but is actually a decade and asking my wife what she wanted for her birthday she said a shar-pi to which i said-whats that to which she said a dog-never heard of it-i grew up with beagles and hound dogs but i found one for her in misouri and after i got back up off the ground and stoped crying over the equivalence of a pick 3 straight hit i caried the wrinkly little ball of mutt home to her-a friend of mine raises rotwilers and thats what he gits for a pup-but its a rot-knowing what i now know and when she leaves us i will git another one for-us-she is an incredable little dog-probably just like yours is to you and its not just becauser of the racking up of time-she is comited to a one master policy within the breed but mother hens our son and tolerates me-the little sausage is so spoiled and personified its unreal-she sleeps in the bed with us-she goes to town with us-she watches the idiot box with us and is included on the family roster right in front of me-when we brought our son home in a diferant form that she was use to i watched her but good not knowing just how she would behave-when he cried she whimpered and cried at the feet of my wife or myself-she became and is to this day this childs shadow and for as rough and as mean to her as he is in the process of trying to figure out how it works down here-she is as ever with him-this wonderfull little dog probably thimks of us as helpless human beings and has made it her ambition to look after us-i was disapointed to learn that my wife had the same number of ribs that i did-uneducated man that i am i just asumed that if a rib was taken to make another-well one plus one being two ya know-along with the help of e w bulinger and mr helix unlocking the dna curve thing-another mystery solved-in both instances giving new meaning to the word-curve-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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