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a past left behind series to the curent one


my mother is a republican whos conservative nature uses wisdom to compas and guide her thoughts and decisions-she taught school and for the right reasons and in the right order her entire life-my dad worked for the railroad and was a democrat due to the nature of the beast and member but even he washed his hands of the party by the time that it was bills day to shine-retired and every day the equivilence of a sunday to him in his interpitation of day to shine-he couldnt as he so elequently put it even recognise his old choice as the had eschanged knuckleball common sense for a painfull version in theatre of the absurd-when we were kids growing up and our aunts would visit our house for the holidays the question always came up-now are you children republicans or democrats to which my younger brother would say-i dont know but i thimk im a lutheran-it seems to me anyway that towards the end of the previous century the left went way south off the map and in a wierd version of political hopscotch the right for the most part lost there footing and shifted or slid quite literaly-into it-my dad would eventualy wash his hands of what i would call-incompitence as a whole and vote his concience in the lesser of two evils-maybe washington would do well to thimk about a dose of a diferant version of the total transformation program-this is not the creomoltion or cod liver oil medicine we took growing up-its the same old face with a new look jim and it couldnt hurt to try even this at this stage-the frozen members are always taken by surprise when new esamples of comon sense come out of congress from just representation and then imediatly atacked for a smorgasboard of reasons-bad ones but ill hold that line and ill hold fast-ill sweat the small stuff and let God handle the rest of it-in the original lawn mower man movie-right before the and there she blows moment it shows a distorted version of a transgenic human frantically darting to differant number series in a bubble to unlock a code in time-this could be a real pick 3 nightmare for me and its just how i felt right before i put a chuck in it-voting-praying and setting an esample are my quick pick 3 formula and outside of that-lifes to short to sweet to be consumed with things that you might just not be able to change no matter how hard you work to corect it-i know this much-darkness canot drive out darkness any more than hate can drive out hate-only love can do that-thanks martin-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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