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triangles up in the sky and political corectnesnes


in the mid seventies upon my taking hold of of the world by the tail and having the time of my life my younger sibling swore up and down that while out crazy boying around he and two other friends saw a ufo up in the sky over north west arkansas-i could see that he was serious as he was visably shaken so i did the only thing a loving brother could do-first i said-who are you and what have you done with my brother followed by-were you boys hoisting brewskies or esperiminting with a sparkling wine-after interuptin him a few times and repeating the question-imediatly folowing the yea but-i asked if he had any missing time during the event that he couldnt acount for and thats when he threw the first punch-brotherly love-i tolds him that it would serve him well if he would just move on and keep that little nugget of phenominom to himself-what the heavyweights would call swamp gas i would call industrial complex exercises-years later the lid was pried off of this mystery when the us military rolled the stealth out for the world to have a look see and for like the bazillionth time in my life-i am proud of my country-there is a military base in west plains misouri where some of the stealths camp out and this is just what he had tried to describe to me-just thimk of what they could drag out of the hangers now-see eisenhower and as far as a real-elian conection with beings that have a diferant form substance-the only evedience there is that such things esist comes in the form of a mountain-see answer book for written documentation and night vision generation four as an optical testing-testing-isocoleese-i thank the God of heaven and earth that i have never had any such encounters of the creepy stuff kind and am pretty shure they wouldnt want to host with me because of my friend-whos to say-certainly not me-i can remember a time and not that far back either when political corectness was almost sinonomus for republican party-what happened-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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