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keeping an open mind and as they say


i have tried my entire life to understand certain things that make absolutly no sense to me-seems that no matter what im strugling with to understand the answer always winds up giting lost in the translation and i end up right where i started-i understand how the liberal mind sees what it sees i just dont understand why-if it is really true that skyscrapers do not have a thirteenth floor in the real world then i understand why this is i just dont understand how this is-debt added to debt alone inflates not reduces yet a spending the way out of debt is not only embrased but acepted as the role model with a history of disaster atatched to it-i dont see history and facts as a bully but when brought up in inopertune moments they are acused by some of just that-see translation-bumblebees arent supose to be able to fly acording to there make up and size but they do-sorta like the congress-when i was in the hayday of my prime my dad told me that the older i got the quicker time would seem to go and i that i would dread the cold of winter a little more with each year-right again-i am completly amazed and in the worst posible sense of just how some pride bearing mamals whos egos are so big that even there ego has an ego and are often known to compare themselves to-well-themselves-gifting themselves to a life of public service as a contribution to society-my contribution to society is wearing a ball cap in public as the hairs of the head are quite literally numbered and being active for anything good in comunity offering-when i dont agree or understand why a person or group would do or say in particular of something and it is re-esplained to help me understand-upon arival of the second repeating i just usually throw the towel in with as they say in the seventh grade-my bad-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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