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when all else fails and such disrespect


i still follow the same routine that i grew up with and when all else fails-read the instructions-when i go to asemble something we drag home from the store and she hands me the instructions the routine beguins with whats that folowed by i dont need that and concluded with wheres the instructions-works every time-direction and instruction is a good thing and usually helps to keep one from repeating certain steps or really messing something up bad-oh i dont know take congress for an quick lap around the train of thought track-we have laws and we make laws-some things we amend and some things we flat out change-we have a constitution not an unconstitution and would be served best to keep the right order in the right order or it seems to me anyway-if my dad was here to see just how far that weve come with the good bad or indiferant he would probably tell me that he knew that this day was coming and you have my sympathy-now do something about it-turns out that he did live to see it-sorta kinda as when he was replaced his eyes and another vital organ that he used was given to needy people and with great apreciation i am sure-thanks pop-everyone has worth and weather they like it or not is a contributing factor to the cause for which they stand be it for good or for bad-when i saw lipton pushed up into my face i imediatly hung two of them around my rear view mirror and i dont care for tea-its the cause that i am so pasionate about-do you have grandchildren-we do-do you have children-we do to-and from debt to dreams in-good lord willin and the creek dont rise hopfully tomarow fill follow in a better set of rule-instruction and direction than the ones that were used yesterday and today-i am told that there is a way to reverse the course and git the brakes aplied in time to whow nelly this spending insanity-debt has a mental weight of zero to me and i honestly do not know how these folks will ever actually git it let alone put a stop to it-can you say corection-i am also told that its not just us but the world is broke-another good reason to pray and to each his own at that-somewhere between seventeen and three hundred plus trillion-knowone really has a number that can be hammered down-is a creature that lives and not from an island but of an island-with just the right perspective and light one can truly love life for what it is-good and of great worth-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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