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almost computor illiterate and the timing thing


when the lottery arrived in arkansas a few years ago-another interpitation that the end was near-i was geared and primed to put my pick 3 secret formula weapons in to practice-after years of trial and error with my what i now refer to as make-believe math-i managed to identify and even name a few satelites that are constant and orbit my pick 3 world-i took a couple of pretty good whoopins in the wallet after the lottery came-on line here but once i got it out of my system and blended the discipline with the guidelines of rule and budget-i did alright-lottery post is to me what the hubble-bubble is to the astronomer-where do i start-what in the sam hill am i going to do with all of this information-process it-thats what-when the budget allows for it-apply-apply-apply-the wife works in chemestry at a major hospitol in little rock and in three more years will add dr to her bach degree-my wife the pharmisist-she is incredibly smart and caries a 3.5-i look through her trig-calc-physics-org chem papers and its all hyroglifics to me-i didnt even git close to finishing highschool and its a wonder i can even read as what little time i did spend there was consumed with a garage rock band i played in and girls-ive payed for it time and time again two-i had seen a lottery official on a news segment of the local five oclock shortly after the arkansas lottery came on line here and she was esplaining the basics of ticket purchasing and overall odds-she included this statement-if you play the same 5 and one numbers the odds are that by ten years time you will hit atleast the five-translation-probable-probable-i did a little investigating with this twenty first century esqusite little inconvienence more comonly refered to as-the computor and with some number combinations that sounded off in the key of c in my original-computor hard drive more uncomonly known as-the brain-i had my set of numbers to play-two thing are troubling and problematic about this for me-one is the source and two is the ease of time it took to come up with my-c note numbers-none the less-i not only play them regularly-i enjoy playing them-timing seems to be the key that is so elusive-i remember when a lottery ticket was a dollar and when some einstives came up with the-multiplyer as a way to git another one of my dollars-and it worked-i thought to myself-simply amazing-brilliant-the buck stops here-wrong again-i have no earthly idea how they will graduate from this but am confident that theyll manage to top it-still yet again-the simple fact that i have a chance or a shot of realising a huge prize because i carry a ticket allows me a few minutes four times a week to thimk about what i can do with proper funding in pick 3 and pick 4-i absolutly love playing pick 3 and pick 4-my wife has a smart phone-i have a not so smart phone-i can take pictures of our two year old todler son and make a phone call and thats about it-i am-almost computor illeterate and its a thousand wonders that i can send an e-mail or make a telephone call without shutting down the entire globall satelite communications system or launching missle out of silos down here on terra-firma-turns out you can teach an old dawg new tricks and am ever learning-when i started looking at numbers one of the first things that i noticed was out of the three different digits-combining two of them would follow a given patter and usually within a couple-o-draws-as an example flowing down-if you can find 31-32-there is a more than good chance you will see 33 post haste-32-34---36 or-27-26---25 or-26-24---22-you git the picture-it seems to work in three or three times before it putters out-i thimk therefore-i am-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

Entry #3


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