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the born again conspirecy theorist vs it even aint


i read something that may have answered a question that ive asked myself for quite some time now-when i raise my finger to tap or scratch my forehead as a result of trying to figure out why my math didnt produce a hit or as maxwell smart would say-missed it by that much-the gray matter gits frustrated and processes the thoughts to exit stage left-and dont come back here again-before a official lottery draw-i now know that they do test draws to make shure that the system is operating properly or firing on all cylinders-this dosent add up for me-what id like to know is how often they find the system-not-to be operating properly and what id really like to see are the-test draw digits-im shure that it is just standard operating procedure written into the legals and by laws to ensure integrity and quality controll-or is it-after i started adding-subtracting and fiddlesticking around with draw numbers of pick3-it took more than a couple of times to be able to proceed with caution and seperate the real gold from the fools gold-as an example-i added and i subtracted the number 262 to a draw and-whamo-egceltiah-straight hits-box hits-just hits everywhere-tried it again and again and it just worked-this nonsense went on for a couple of days and instead of backtesting again and again i was taken with a fever on what to do with all of that money i was going to bring in-now when i want a good laugh i just thimk back and re-visit an early chapter of nieve-ahtey in the me262-one day i got the bright idea to put day over the month with an = sign just to the right of it-then subtracting the lesser from the greater i had my power thing number-then i subtracted that number from from the other two and then added the same number to them and rootin tootin i had a complete set to play for the draw and to my amazment i hit four numbers-confident that a simple man had cracked the code and ready to share it along with the wealth i was going to haul in with the world-after six or eight draws that produced absolutly nothing i became strangly quiet about it and welomed a huge dose of humility to bring about some level of closure-i just by chance happen to use the right stuff in the right time slot-or did i-my dad use to tell me that if God wanted to punish you enough Hed let you win the lottery and if you want to make Him laugh just tell him your plans-well thats not true-or is it-it is said that pi has no repeating order and has been calculated out to a google-is it possable that if one took a few more gigantic steps back one could be seen or show-we have a chineese shar-pi apricot dilute-the wrinkly dog-right above her eyes on the top of her head she has the pi symbol in wrinkles and you cant miss it-its just right there-i have given her many differant pet names over the past ten years-one of which is the pi dog-i would hope that i would never find a place in life where i would put limitations on God-we are the mystery-not Him-period-end of sentence-esclamation mark-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

Entry #4


rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - June 7, 2013, 4:53 pm
I think that's the longest one-sentence paragraph I ever saw.
I couldn't read it though cuz it would make my eyes go buggy.
Good luck!

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