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double rev psycology-double negatives and God pysics


in this house-no matter what it be-weather agenda or decision and choice-we sit ourselves down-put all of the distractions on hold and have a serious and intellegant discusion on the matter at hand and then we do exactly what she wants to do-i am not henpecked nor am i whipped and i love my better half more than anything-certainly more than i love self and shall i tell you something-i call her my better half for the entire list of reasons-from standard to obvious and everything in between-on the few-blue moon ocasions that i have a legitimant point to argue-i find that double reverse psycology works best for me and while the opinions of definition vary i like to call this-telling the truth-rarely does she do anything wreckless or without reason-key word here-reason-seasoned with time and esperiance i have managed to keep the heart of a child and reach a kinder and gentler level of opinionated and pronounced-especially with religon and politics-now should the day ever come when she anounces to me that she wants to shoot into orbit with virgin spirit or the likes of such technology and the old double reverse didnt proof out i would try reverse psycology like-um uh-why would you do that when 500 cc of demerol will do the same thing or something absurd and ridiculos like that-when trying to pry my way out of an uncomfortable moment-i use a double negative-one of my liberal friends taught me this manuerver-im not going to say that i dint want to mow the lawn-on my way out the door and down to the t-ricks to git my evening pick 3 i go or im not going to say that i didnt eat the last piece of cake-you git the idea-i am a coaster from way back when art started that radio broadcast in the early nineties but am not usually up at that time to enjoy it-on a program that i did catch a whilst back they were programing cern-haydron collider in-i thimk svitzerland is where this engineering marvel slash-whoops enigma is-in search of the god particle-ten billion and counting-pretty miniscule amount compared to four billion ah day in just intrest alone and it actually makes the power ball odds look less dificult-i call this quest for answers God physics-not the god particle and in my not so humble opinion things like dark matter-the event horizon of black holes-newtron stars and on and on are the literal-outer fringes of Gods works-there is a huge differance between order and the order-and then theres the unintended consequence thing-rest asured God is in controll and things are moving along at a pretty good clip and right on schedule-in the early nineties science stunned and amazed the world when they anounced that they had slowed a beam of light down and were one step closer to the answers they sought-they acomplished this by shooting the beam of light directly in to a post office if memory serves me right-cern is the worlds current and reigning champion enigma second only to its arch rival and nemesis-the pyramids and for me-personaly-there are no whoops-in or with God-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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