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y2k recovery factor-the rapture and 3m stock


as the turn of the century was aproaching back in mid-ish nineteen and ninety nine-the whole country was ah buzz over the anything and everthing that was related to or conected with the what if phenomonon of the calander-computor-number roll over-and such variety of speculation-re boot-the end is near-its almost like rod searling was suddenly everywhere and at twleve oclock sharp the whole world was going to morph into asome bizare twilight zone episode and just like the december-twneny first myan calander roll over-the day came and went-gratefull that the none of the gloom and doomsday events that were stretched out didnt happen-i decided to start casting blame for things in the electronic world gone wrong on y2k-then on things teathered to and or conected to electronics-dropped phone call-y2k-computor too slow-y2k-and shortly after animating that aplication-i just added factor and used it as a cover all to blame-well just bout anythimg-i finally got over it and moved on-this all took afect on january the second-git it-got it good-the spirit of y2k is still relevant to summon as last week while shingling a storage shed that i built in our back yard i miscued a roofing nail and smacked my thumb but good-and boy it hurt did it hurt-now i was in a hurry and tend to choke up on the hammer handle when i speed things up but decided to blame the next few days of smarts on-you got it-one time in west little rock-we were working in an apartment complex when the building started to rumble and something outside was coming in the form of a roar-by the time we stepped outside to see what was going on it was really cranked up-it seemed like the end of all things was coming as id never esperianced anything of this audio and vibrational magnitude and then in an instant-the answer was provided-four-count em four f16s went over the top of our heads that were flying low and i mean-right there in your face low to which i told my compadraes-its the rapture-the rapture is upon us-the military chose that particular name and for a good reason-it may not be biblical but its certainly is real and i got caught up in the moment-the adhesive companies can espect a bump up in sales-especialy in the tape category now that the thumb has been removed from the media mouth-i however have not covered the little peep hole on this black box-serves em right-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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