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flipping a dollar bill and do you have the time


i got a five dollar bill and a couple of one dollar bills back from the changing of a twenty at the goodwill store yesterday evening-lincoln was in rare form as it was an older bill and i havent seen one of these for awhile now-after my brain processed the-look there moment-a file opened up on a dollar bill flip trick that we use to do when we were kids-i have a colorfull and vivid recall of what i was doing as a child growing up but i cant remember what i did last week-try this neat little series of folds and bends for yourself-i do know where the flip happens but i still dont understand just how it is acomplished-hold the note up in front of you-looking at the president fold the note in half bringing the top down-fold it this time bringing the right carner to the left-and again bringing the right to the left-the folds have now reduced the note to about one inch in length and you should see the letters llars-pinching llars with your left thumb bring the back part of the note to the right-last fold brings the back of the note to the left and upon opening lincoln is now upside down-i will never again question the deliveries in the systems page and there might just be a formula here-how predictable-when i look at time-i git into the diamater of a circle and all i see are numbers-a never ending string of numbers intertwined with memory-time is memory and memory is time-they move clockwise hand in hand-when asked i the time i have an overwhelming desire to first talk about how the clock functions-it is a flaw that i have learned to controll-somewhat-what time is it-time for a change-weve all watched the sun rise in the east and were just stuck with it-what time is it-time to pray-use it-theres imeasurable power in it-what time is it-time to laugh-God has a sense of humor-what time is it-its coffee time-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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