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the atomic level and esops fable


in november of twenty ten the ultrasound answered the usual questions-in awe of the technology used-i pointed to the monitor and made this statment-isnt she beautiful having no idea just what i was looking at the technitian pin-pointed a spot on the screen and said-yes he is-five months later i would-in awe of again-then he was about the size of a seven ounce-could have had a v-eight and while i found the movements on the screen hard to see-the tech identified these are fingers-these are toes-in the rooms at the pedeo clinic are pictures of babies and notes from children to God-one little girl writes-dear God-ive read about the dinosoars and i like them alot-if they were here today they would have trouble because of trafic-you made the right decision-when i read things like that or look at my son-my heart just melts and i can better understand just how much God loves human beings and as calculated the terible twos came right on time-ahead of schedule-i know the basics of atoms-i do not understand them-i know what is inside one of one of them as do i know what is happening on the outside of one of them-it is hard for me to understand how worlds within worlds-within worlds can be tucked into such a small area-i enjoy listening to incredibly smart people talk physics and the such-point being for me-this is absolute proof that God not only is-God is great and God is good-albert said it best outside of the math equasion thing and i mean the repeating math-insanity formula-place your hand on a hot stove for a moment and it seems like an hour-sit next to a pretty girl for an hour and it seems like a moment-thats relativity-a tribute to esopes fable could read like this-one time there was a certain man who was the resident of a certain house-the house was packed full of espensive trophies and figurines-there was a story attatched to every everything in this house-the cabinets in the house were jammed and cramed packed full to the point where they started to bulge and when the vanetion blinds were opening and the light of day entered-there were as seen on tv products-well-just everywhere-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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