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esplanation given-carma and the news


after i found this incredable source of knowledge i thought it apropriate to say thank you as i am such a big pick 3 follower-before i came here when i thought of blog it was a referance to the stint-heart procedure-after a few clumsy atempts to make it happen-sucsess-watching an old sitcom on the tele is the blame for this result-a show about nothing was the theme to which i thought-i could do that only i would have to look at it as a daily glob-while hoss is ocupied with eating breakfast-ocupy breakfast-i could fire up the black box and git a couple of quick pick thoughts out of the old quantum computor and try to string them togather in such a way where the english was neither insulting or ofensive-reading the blog main page a few times just to make shure i met the criteria for unchartered waters and there she blows-entertaining the conspiritorial whispers that entered my mind and taking them as i always do-with a grain of sea salt-this could be the work of more than one of my buddies-on one such ocasion we took turns putting small amounts of gasoline in a co-worker and friends new truck-amazed at his unbelievable gas milage we made light of his fantastic claim and after a short time stoped-then we provided the answer to his mystery by telling him what we had done in the name of grown men acting like children and he got so mad he wouldnt speak to any of us for a couple of days-a computor repeat button on another end is probably responsible for the visitation and the bad news is the same as the good news-this cant go on forever-upon the increase of my knowledge and especially in reguards to pick 3-what i felt might be a good offering to post i now find not worthy in comparison to what i have read and respectivly-thanks a million-from the desk of and as ever-good day.

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