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Mega Million Lottery Pool Game 25


DATE:     5/20/2006

There are people who think that everything one does with a serious face is sensible. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799)

I took today as one of my off days, because I just knew that Game 25 was going to win. I'm not sure why, but I awoke at 3:00 a.m. And couldn't get back to sleep, so I thought I would check on our numbers. Here is the first thing I read:

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

11:06 pm - Mega Millions: The Tuesday, May 16, 2006 Mega Millions drawing has taken place, and the results are 7-24-40-48-50, and the Mega Ball is 15.

Then I read:
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

3:14 am - Mega Millions Jackpot Winner! There was one $94 million jackpot winner from Texas in the Tuesday, May 16, 2006 Mega Millions drawing. More details to follow after the winner comes forward to claim their prize.

Also, 10 lucky players matched the first 5 numbers for a $250,000 prize: 3 from California, 2 from Georgia, 1 from New Jersey, 1 from New York, 2 from Ohio, and 1 from Virginia.

Well, I knew that we had the Mega Ball at least twice, so we were in the running, and I was excited. Now before I peed my PJ's, I thought I should see WHERE in Texas the Jack Pot was won. If Dallas was the City, then I most likely would have peed and the passed out. So I checked the Texas Web Site to see where the Jack Pot was won.

Mega Millions - Where Sold in Texas 2006
Complete Results:   2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | More

Level     Mega Millions
Prize     Quick
Pick *     Texas
Retailer     Texas
Retailer City
May 16, 2006     More Winner Details

Jackpot      $94 Million      YES/YES     GOOD TIME STORE #12     EL PASO

The Web Site also told me whoever purchased this ticket in El Paso, Texas did it as a Quick Pick and chose the Cash Option Feature. (In Texas, you must select which you want when you buy and you CANNOT change your mind after winning.)

I went back to bed, where I've been most of the day. Someone other than my group win, this will trigger a Depression. But, I did take today off, so I could do a newsletter and I might as well pick up our money.

We actually had the Mega Ball 15 three times. So we did win some money.
Matched     Prize     Date     Numbers Drawn (Mega Ball)
1 of 5 + BB      $ 3      5/16/2006      7 - 24 - 40 - 48 - 50 (15)    Megaplier 4X
0 of 5 + BB      $ 2      5/16/2006      7 - 24 - 40 - 48 - 50 (15)    Megaplier 4X
1 of 5 + BB      $ 3      5/16/2006      7 - 24 - 40 - 48 - 50 (15)    Megaplier 4X

So we got $8.00, while someone in El Paso got the Jack Pot, and I would be my last dollar that he did NOT have as many tickets as this group had.
We already had $9.00 in the bank, now we have $17.00. Now my heart did not let me spend this money, and I'm not sure when I will. Most of our tickets will expire after the drawing on Friday June 2nd, 2006. This lets us with only five more draws on our tickets.

Okay, the news is out, you know that someone when in to a convenience store and purchase a Cash Option ticket that had the winning numbers. So the Jack Pot is back to $12 Million.

The Mega Millions jackpot for the drawing on Friday May 19th, 2006 is: $12 million ($7 million cash option)

The Ohio Web Site (www.ohiolottery.com) gives us a slightly lower Cash Option, which we will use. There are 48 members in this game, with 54 shares being sold. The estimated cash value of this jackpot is $6,711,408

Shares Purchase     Amount you could win
2.5     $310,713.32
2     $248,570.66
1.5     $186,428.00
1     $124,285.33
.5     $62,142.66

Now this Jack Pot's Cash Option never reached the $54 Million I needed to give each of my members $1 Million apiece. So I think what I may do is take your $17.00 after the drawing on Friday June 2nd, 2006 and purchase you one multi-draw ticket and make this game last a painfully long time.

Now I no longer have faith that we are going to win. But, in the event God has a different plan, I will continue to purchase lotto tickets. I will continue running this pool. I just can tell you that I have faith God is listening to my requests (or my needs for that matter).

But if you want to continue to play, you will need to have me your money to be no later than Thursday June 1st, 2006.

Joke 1
Little Tim was in the garden filling in a hole when his neighbor peered over the fence. Interested in what the cheeky-faced youngster was up to, he politely asked, "What are you up to there, Tim?"

"My goldfish died," replied Tim tearfully, without looking up, "and I've just buried him." The neighbor was concerned, "That's an awfully big hole for a goldfish, isn't it?"

Tim patted down the last heap of earth then replied, "That's because he's inside your stupid cat."

Joke 2
One night, a police officer was stalking out a particularly rowdy bar for possible violations of the driving under the influence laws. At closing time, he saw a fellow stumble out of the bar, trip on the curb, and try his keys on five different cars before he found his.

Then, sat in the front seat fumbling around with his keys for several minutes. Everyone left the bar and drove off. Finally, he started his engine and began to pull away.

The police officer was waiting for him. He stopped the driver, read him his rights and administered the Breathalyzer test. The results showed a reading of 0.0. The puzzled officer demanded to know how that could be. The driver replied, "Tonight, I'm the Designated Decoy."

Joke 3
A little girl asked her Mom, "Mom, may I take the dog for a walk around the
block?" Mom says, "No, because the dog is in heat." "What does that mean?" asked the child. "Go ask your father. I think he is in the garage."

The little girl went to the garage and asked "Dad, may I take Susie for a walk around the block? I asked Mom, but she said that Susie was in heat, and to come talk to you."

Dad said, " Bring Susie over here" He took a rag, soaked it with gasoline, and scrubbed the dog's rear-end with it and said, "Okay, you can go now, but keep Susie on the leash and only go one time around the block." The little girl left, and returned a few minutes later with NO DOG on the leash.

Dad asked, "Where is Susie?"

The little girl said, "She will be here in a minute, she ran out of gas about halfway down the block and another dog is pushing her home."

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