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lotto purchases today


long time no speak here. well i didn't have much to say because i haven't purchased any thing in a while. i get all these multiplay lotto tickets and well i do get some long stretches i don't have to buy anything.

well things have changed a little bit. just a little bit. i had to go Los angeles for a funeral. it was a sad time for my friend but it was an opportunity to get another lotto ticket. oh yeah.

i was going to be there for only 2 days and i wanted to get a ticket on saturday before the drawing. all day i was asking my buddy to pull over so i could get a lotto ticket. he wouldn't do it. plus the few places that he would go didn't carry the lotto. so i had to wait until he went to his dance lesson to walk out the club back to a gas station i saw down the block. by the time i got there they had stopped taking money for the cali superlotto. so i got me a 20 drawing 1 dollar ticket for megamillions.

well since i was in cali. the only state that i play scratchers. i got 10 dollars worth of the big spin tickets. someday i am going to be on that show and if i really really suck at the spin. i will win 75,000. i can live with that. well i will have to live with my dreams of the big spin. i scratched all 10 tickets and all i found was 1 free ticket. so sad but so typical. last year i won 50 dollars on the big spin. oh well.

the next day after the funeral we pulled over to a liquor store to get the cali ticket. as i was walking up to the door. he put up a sign saying that he would be back in 5 minutes. that didn't work for us and back to the house we went. a little chit chat and a 2 hour nap later i was up again. it was hot as all hell in LA for me. the valley was in the upper 90's and low 100's.

i tried to get my buddy to drive me out to the store again. he wanted to wait until we went to dinner. well i didn't want to wait for that. i was on a mission. i wanted that cali ticket bad. so i went out and huffed the 8 or so blocks in the early evening heat. it wasn't as hot as mid day. thank you.

i get to the store and purchased the 20 draw 1 dollar cali lotto ticket. i took out my free ticket for the scratcher and gave it to the clerk. he scanned it and started to reach for another scratcher. i stopped him and asked for the big spin. he tells me that he doesn't have them and this one was just as good. i told him either to give it back to me or give me a dollar. he couldn't believe someone wanted their money back. he offered me the other game again and i said no i want the money or the ticket. since he had scanned it i gather he was committed to giving me something. one of those things was not the original ticket back. so he went into his till and gave me the dollar. i know my limits and i was not going to start another habit.

the next day i jumped on a plane and headed back to washington state. once on the ground i took care  of some business. i eventually got to the point i had to go to the store to get some things. well i had a washington state mega ticket on me that came due while i was in cali. i was itching to see if i had another winner. er ah uh. no it was a loser again. well since i am in between jobs. i decided not to replace this ticket. that ticket would be a meal. i still had another washington mega in play and i would just have to live with that one. oh yeah the cali ones too. hahahahahahaha.

well on the job front i am closing in on getting a new job and i will be traveling again. no clue as to where i will be going but i don't care as long as some of them are powerball states. so wish me luck.

well mr mega you didn't help me out this time and i hope you can help me out next time. mr power i am hoping you can help me out big time. mama needs to quit her job. thank you as always.

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