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What I have done to deal with Obamacare


I have a great health policy that I have used and have had none of the Problems that Obama claimed I have.  My policy has been great and I feel secure with it and don't feel as if I would need to declare bankruptcy if I have to use it more.

The Policy Obama is sticking me with leaves me less secure and I just may have to declare bankruptcy if I have medical problems.

So I have not put any money in the red kettles this year.  I have not donated to the food drive.  I have given nothing to charity since I got kicked off the plan that Obama lied to me and said I could keep.  I am not giving anybody any Christmas presents this year!

Why?  Because I am not stupid and I know how much more the Obamacare policy is going to cost and I know it is going to leave me worse off!

It's not a bad deal it's The Worst Deal.  I may not even have health insurance anymore because the Obamacare plans are so expensive.

To the best of my knowledge I have had health coverage since I was born and now, for the first time, I may not have it anymore.  I will not subject myself to the theft of medicaid and I am outraged at the new abuse and fraud that Obamacare opens on all of us.

That is what I have to consider.  What have you done to prepare for the coming healthcare disaster next year?


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ThinkComment by Think - December 22, 2013, 7:34 pm
Frig. I am going to have to watch that Lock/Unlock function. Sorry

It is now unlocked.
Cupcake10Comment by Cupcake10 - December 23, 2013, 9:09 am
Seriously. You don't like Obama, right? You are singing to the same beat as many others, but may be going to the 10th degree with all the things you can't do now. You need to be positive and thankful you can afford health care because I'm sure there are many who can't. Always be positive.
ThinkComment by Think - December 23, 2013, 1:21 pm
I am positive I am worse off under Obamacare. I don't like Obama because he repeatedly lies!

I am horrified that he put me in a worse off position and he repeatedly had to lie to do it.

If I genuinely were better off under Obamacare you would not be hearing from me!

Obama gave people cash for clunkers. I have a clunker but could not take advantage of the
program because my car had too good MPGs to participate. Obama gave people subsidies if they bought Hybrids. I could not afford a hybrid. Obama lied to me and said I could keep my current health plan. Obama and Communist Karl Levin put a fine on my electric bill.

I am really starting to believe that the Democrats are an organized hate group because they really are picking on me and screwing me over royally. They sure do hate me or they wouldn't be picking on me so much!

I am tired of being forced to pay for other peoples stuff when I won't be able to afford my stuff.

Years ago, as a kid, I went trick or treating for UNICEF and I kept getting yelled at each door I went to that I was the 5th or 6th or 7th person to come to the door already. I got 30 some odd cents for UNICEF and a really bad ear infection.

Today in that ear I have hearing loss. I have money set aside for the hearing aids that I am eventually going to need. I wont have the money because of how god ed much Obamacare is going to cost. Obamacare does not cover hearing aids but it covers a lot of things that I have to pay for but can never use.

Who the f*** is going to pay for my hearing aids when I can't because I have been forced to pay for things for other people that there is no way that I myself can use?

Obamcare is slavery and most people are too stupid to recognize that!
MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - December 23, 2013, 3:15 pm
You are absolutely right on all points Think. Why should anyone have to pay for something they don't want unless it is slavery. Why should anyone be forced to get something they don't want ? because they say so, BULL....!
rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - December 23, 2013, 11:42 pm
Cupcake is apparently one of the lazy, low-info, free-stuffers like our trolls here who's going to get everything for free.
Those are the only ones who think Obamacare is a good idea.
Those of us who actually work and have to pay for their free stuff aren't quite so enamored.
Comment by Soledad - October 11, 2016, 9:15 pm
Actually there are some under Obama care who have saved money.

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