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The other side of Me.


Months before Sept 11 I had a dream in which I saw two meteors streaking thru the sky towards New York.

About a year later I had another disturbing dream where I saw nuclear mushroom clouds towards the West Coast. It hasn't happened yet of course. Thank God I was wrong on that one.

I suffer from chronic nightmares. I see death on a massive scale. I see the destruction of the human race. More importantly, I don't see the America that we see today. I don't know if it will happen in my lifetime, or if these events are in the distant future. Every night brings new horrors where I am the observer, powerless to stop what is happening.

There was one occasion where I did step into my dream to stop an event. It was a murder about to happen. The attacker was holding a knife above his head, about to stab someone. I reached out and grabbed his wrist. To which he casually looked at me and said. "You can't do that, you're dreaming." I immediately woke up and couldn't stop laughing because that had never happened before in my nightmares.

Tonight at work a lady was cutting scrap parts with a razor knife, that I loaned her, as I was going on break. I thought to myself, "She's going to cut herself" I came back to find my co-worker mopping her blood off of the floor. She bled all over my work-station. She took off the tip of her finger.

Having the ability to "see" events is really a curse. Because if you do something to stop the event from happening..... Let's say I told the lady I needed my razor knife back. Can you really have any credibility because the event did not happen? Can you really be sure you stopped the potential event by intervening.

People hear me talk logic, mathematics etc. etc. and think I'm all about that. Which is true for the most part. There is another side to Sedertree. A side that dabbles in Quantum Mechanics, Alternate Dimensions, Time Lines etc. etc.

I have theories that extend beyond the trivial pursuit of heuristics and delve deeper into realms of the unknown. Some would call all this meta-physics.

As many times as I have "seen" events before they occur. I can't completely discount the possiblility. That there is more to this reality than what you see when you step out of your front door in the morning.

I suppose this is what drives me in my quest for unraveling the mystery of random events. Maybe I'm just trying to understand myself a little better......
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