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Doctor Why's Lottery QuikTips For Ultimate Success!!


Hello Friends! I just left the ER yesterday after doing a very quick stint for acute bronchitis ( don't worry, I'm fine) and I figured that I would put a few helpful tips for anyone thinking of playing the lottery. In this world there are two different types of lottery player. The casual and the serious.

Blue Angel The casual player plays for fun and entertainment, he buys that one ticket every now and then on a hunch, and rarely win. Lotteries loves these guys.

Evil Uhh The serious player plays for serious gain, he systematically studies the lottery, and wins more than expected. Lotteries hate these guys (LOL)


I am a apart of the latter. I consider myself to be a serious player and my views on lotteries have been forever changed. I CAN'T see myself playing them, how I used to, before I became a serious player. Here are a few tips to step your game up:


1. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "PERFECT" SYSTEM THAT WORKS 24/7 365 A YEAR!! NOPE. NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA.  A system might work for short term success every now and then but you will never get consistent, daily wins. If anyone offers to sell you a "system", my friend, you need to hit the ground running as fast as humanly possible. My thing is this, if you are too lazy to do a little bit of research and develop your own tools for success you don't deserve to win!!

2. STUDY PATTERNS AND TRENDS, THEY REALLY ARE YOUR SECRET WEAPON IN THE WAR OF CHANCE. They really do exist, and they do show up after a while. Take your last ten drawings for any particular game and study them. (They might show up quicker in drawings that rely on random number generators.)

3. REMAIN FOCUSED AND OPEN-MINDED. It could take you months or years before you ever win anything. Lotteries are tricky little buggers, and they are designed to produce more losers than winners. Playing with a positive mind frame will increase your odds of winning.

4. ( Not really a tip but an idea ) LOTTERY KARMA IS REAL!! I usually win after I invest enough time and money into the venture. People have won huge jackpots after only playing one time. That is extremely rare and I don't see it happening to you anytime soon. With that being said it's time to...

5. INVEST IN YOURSELF!! It's time to get yourself a few goodies to improve your game. I usually buy a small personal journal designed specifically for lottery playing only. There are also apps you can get for your computer or smartphone such as "Pick 3/4 tracking Pro" and "Lottery Results". Staying in the know will keep you on top of your game.

6. CONSULT OTHERS IN THE LOTTERY PLAYING COMMUNITY. This website itself offers a wide variety of tools to improve your odds of winning. Dig deep and get in the forums and make predictions!! View other predictions and compare them with your own. You might be surprised, great minds think alike... NO! They think for themselves!

And finally...

7. ANY WIN IS A BLESSING. I try and share my lottery winnings when I can. I like to pass it along to others. I mean, C'mon! Did you really deserve that 5K you got burning a hole in your pocket? Even after taxes you still made off like a bandit. Any money you receive for doing absolutely nothing is a blessing. 

Well I gotta run. Hyper Knowledge truly is power and you now have the power to change your life. Winning lotteries are not impossible. Hard, but not impossible. If you stick with smaller lotteries and work your way up, you could be taking pictures with those big ass novelty checks in no time. LOL.


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