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Do more entries equal more winnings??


Smile Sup Lotto dudes and dudettes, I just wanted to "rap" with you today about a something that has been lingering on my mind for a while...

Do more entries in a lottery give you an advantage??

Hmmm. It's hard to say.What? Me personally I only spend up to 3 dollars a day on lotto. ( A few times a week when I play, my games of choice are Pick 4 and Cash 5.) I pick my own numbers, I never use quick picks. With so many variables to choose from in the 5/39 and 5/41 games, it's hard to get a good feel on a potential winner. Remember when you were racking your brain trying to figure out which number you were going to use for last night's draw? I bet it was pretty frustrating trying to choose between each number. IMO, I think a few more tickets will edge you closer to a potential win but it won't put you over the edge. (Unless you buy 500 tickets for a Pick 3 game Eek .)

Daily tips for the Lottery:

1. Focus on draw 4 games too, you spend so much energy on draw 3 you might as well add that extra digit


2. Don't play the same numbers every day. You could be playing them for years with no results!!

Type Ciao!

Entry #3


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