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lotto purchases today


let me get up on my soap box here for a minute.

if you are paying for a room in a nice hotel and you are on the internet in your room. you should be allowed to go to gambling sites that you want to go to. i was blocked from getting to all lotto sites by the courtyard in chesapeake VA. i am pretty sure this is not a corporate policy but a local policy. man was i pissed. real pissed because i was being blocked from getting to this site and other lotto sites i go to check my numbers.

i am a computer guy so i figured out how to get around the firewall but what i was using wanted extra for me to check my numbers. arrrrrggggghhhh. i was having serious withdrawal pains because i couldn't check my numbers. i had 2 sets of cali tickets that were due and i couldn't check anything. arrrrggggghhhh.

the hotel was real nice in most other things and i would recommend people to go there. IF YOU ARE NOT CHECKING YOUR NUMBERS ON THE ROAD!!! the people were real nice and helpful.

now let me step down from my soap box.

ok back to what i purchased and so forth.

well the two tickets in question were 1 $60 superlotto  and 1 $40 mega million ticket. well the superlotto ticket was a three line ticket and i won on the first and the third line. $9 on the first line and $3 on the third line. yeah i know i will never get rich this way. i just enjoy the hunt. at least on this ticket i got my 10% return. Thumbs Up the mega million ticket was a bust. so if you combine the $100 spent i still did better than a 10% return Thumbs Up.

the other ticket i checked didn't run out until i returned and it was from my favorite state to play powerball (not). i had 2 megabucks tickets and one powerball ticket. the powerball ticket was a bust and one of the megabucks tickets were a bust. i did get a $4 dollar win on other megabucks ticket. if you add all the money i spent in oregon = $40 i got back 10% again with the $4 dollar win. not bad.

so i get to look forward to getting checks from oregon and califorinia. i am going to try to get them out in the mail today. i will try. heheheheheh.

well as you know i was in VA for work. well i wanted to see friends and family as far south as rockhill sourht carolina. the first week i was in VA i purchased a VA mega millon ticket for $26. the ticket is good until september. oh yeah.

well i made plans to go see a friend in south carolina and i headed off on a lotto trip. south crolina is in powerball. which is what i need to keep from having to drive to oregon for the tickets. i was able to get me a lotto ticket for 26 drawings and good until september. hmmm. just like VA.

after seeing my friend i went to see family. well down the street i went to get me a whopper of a powerball ticket. THANK YOU NORTH CAROLINA FOR COMING INTO THE FOLD. man they are better than PA and KY for drawings. you can play for 52 drawings in a row. well you know it. that is what i did. i got a kicker ticket that was good for 52 drawings for $104. i won't have to go to oregon until december. so the pots may come and go and i will be in it. kewl.

well when work was done. i boarded my plane and i was connecting through newark. i get to newark and they are looking for volunteers for another flight. i volunteered and i called my cousin up to get me from the airport. you know what i did. they took me to a store so i could get me another mega million ticket from new jersey and a new jersey pick 6 ticket. it is good for almost 2 months. oh yeah.

that is not all. i haven't picked them up yet but my friend here locally has a super7 lotto from quebec for 13 weeks i need to pick up from him today.

so i picked up tickets from VA, NC, SC, NJ, QE in just 2 weeks. now all i need is a winnner.

ok mr power i really invested in you so hook me up when the ticket comes due for me. you too mr mega. i could use a decent hit again from one of you two.

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