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Turning Box Hits Into STRAIGHTS Using the New LP Pairs Tool...A TESTIMONIAL!


Last Edited: July 25, 2014, 10:20 am

You know I have a Platinum membership at LP because I do a lot of research and backtesting for the lottery strategies I publish. For that the Search Past Results tool is awesome.

So, after Todd announced the new pairs tool--and having never used one before his announcement--I decided I would give it a try in NC.

Using other workouts and NC trends, I narrowed my play set down to two pairs to focus on for the NC evening's draw.

One of my pairs was the 30 pair which came from a trend I had been tracking.

But, I had no idea which way the digits would fall, so I consulted the new pairs tool. It was only my second time consulting it to help me make a decision.

The tool quickly showed me which pair was the 'most out' in the front position as a straight, and the ones that were most out in the back position as a straight, based on the two pairs I was considering. I think the tool categorizes them as Late Pairs and Very Late Pairs.

My final selection included the high possibility of a 90X showing off the 30 pair I was dealing with. That 90 pair in the front position as a straight had been out a long, long time, ie that pair was very late. So I simply put it in front of the 30 pair as 903.

And we know 903 came straight in NC on 7/24 eve.

Truly, I have to say this: anyone who is interested in getting straight hits, and not willing to pay the $7.95 per month for the Platinum membership at LP in order to realize a straight hit is just not taking advantage of the opportunities presented here. Of course it's also true that you need other good workouts to come up with your initial pairs to evaluate, but if you got that in place, then this tool can be your friend.

I'm actually putting the finishing touches on a Pick 34 lottery book for newbies that may help players who need some guidance in finding those pairs and trios that you can use the tool to evaluate for your str8 hits. It is scheduled for release by month's end.

But this message is just to say:



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 Hey, can't wait to play with it in the Pick 4 games!

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MzDuffleBagladyComment by MzDuffleBaglady - July 26, 2014, 12:07 am
Great work.
I'm waiting on the 82x to hit Missouri.

Thank you for sharing.
Happy Spending.

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