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lotto purchases today


man i can play this song a lot. like that wah wah affect in the piece. i want to see him again in concert. oh well that is not why we are here.

Partyi got a double whammie today. i can't remember when was the last time i hit twice in washington state. i hit once on two separate tickets. i was watching the washington quinto jackpot slowly rise and was anticipating on not purchasing a quinto ticket. if the pot is not at 900 thousand i don't want to purchase a quinto ticket. well quinto didn't care about me. someone hit it again and dropped it back down to 300 thousand. they way it takes forever to grow under the new rules. i won't have to worry about buying a ticket for awhile. i did win a  WHOPPING $1.00 ON QUINTO. i matched 2 cards. woohoo. the other part of the whammie was winning on the washington lotto. i got a little more money from it than the quinto. i matched half the numbers for not half the jackpot (i wish). i got $3.00 for hitting the washington lotto. hmmmmm. well the next time i get a quinto ticket i will get the same amount of draws but i am going to throw in getting a quick pick along with that ticket. the ticket won't let me mix my pick with a quick pick. so i will have to tell the cashier of what i want.

i did turn around and purchase a new washington lotto. i got to have a chance at a million.

between the two tickets i purchased 30 dollars worth of drawings. i like getting back my 10% and i did. i spent 30 dollars and got back 4 dollars. gotta keep trying. speaking of trying i will be trying again with some more lotto tickets. i am headed to washington DC and i will be getting another VA megamillions ticket. i will get me a maryland megamillion ticket too. maybe if i have enough time i will run up to west virfinia after work and pick up a powerball ticket from there too. we will see how things go. i have been cancelled for a trip at the gate with my bags checked. so finger crossed that i get to go and get a car.

mr power i am watching and hoping that you will shine on one of the states i have a ticket and grant me a big win. mr mega i am getting to know you quite well. i am waiting on my first big win with you ever.

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