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playing the same numbers


I, like some people, like to play the same numbers....but the trouble is that I like to work the numbers also......that will drive you crazy especially if you have hunches and you feel certain numbers coming up...so what I do is to get a group of numbers (i'm up to 80) and call them my own.  This way I can score them and let them pick themselves espicially since alot of numbers repeat themselves.  Its funny though, I watch everybody who works the pick 3's & 4's using there worksheets and I wonder if i'm missing out on something....so just for fun I posted the same 10 numbers everyday this month on pick 3 and pick 4 to see what would happen.  So far it hasn't been to bad...I'm sitting in the top twenty on the Top predictors sheet (although I know alot of people dont post their predictions).  I've gotten over 70 hits playing all states.  I used different numbers that have been around me for the last 15 years + (you know...phone numbers, address numbers, peoples birthdays, anniversarys,,,)....Now I wonder if specialty numbers are good to play....this can drive you crazy......anyway I Looked at the numbers I'm playing on mega and I ran them through my spreadsheet....and I couldn't find a reason not to go with them.....I'm going with 29 total common numbers and 10 megaballs (3 of which have already hit this month)..If all 5 hit in my 29 what are my odds down to now (1 in 10 million?)..oh well, wish me luck.....I don't see me getting as bad as tuesday's draw, where I only had 1 right out of 32 numbers i picked....I'm guessing 3 or 4 right ,,,,and hoping for all 5........(on the same line,,,,would be nice)   
Entry #2


helpmewinComment by helpmewin - January 11, 2013, 11:26 am
Good Luck :)

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